She is one of the sexiest women in the world according to international rankings And there is no doubt that she has won the title for much more than her incredible body. Emily Ratajkowski she knows perfectly how to revolutionize networks with her photos and videos in bikini, the best promotion for your signature Inamorata because there is no publication of this type that does not accumulate likes and fire smileys by the thousands. She has made the two-piece swimsuit her favorite look for the whole summer … even for a walk in New York. Your proposal to wear a bikini top in an urban style? Combine it with two garments that look stolen of the male section. And of course the result is still very sexy.

You don’t need to go to the beach to wear a bikini  this Emily Ratajkowski look is proof
– Emily Ratajkowski surrenders to the summer dress that conquered Sara Carbonero

For her last outing in the Big Apple, and always with the mask as an essential complement, Emily has worn one of her most striking looks in recent weeks, starring in a crop top, in earth brown, which could perfectly belong to one of the bikinis of her signature, subscribing to these tones. To achieve urban styling, the Englishwoman has combined it with a wide white shirt and beige suit pants; two pieces of masculine air that contrast by their silhouettes oversized with the micro top. Again, choose the combination of cropped with large clothes to achieve the final balance.


– If you are looking for summer jeans, Emily Ratajkowski’s are as comfortable as ‘leggings

Thick soled sneakers

Following her recent choices – and those of most of the girls right now, really-, she has left the heels at home and has combined the look with the comfortable shoes par excellence: the sneakers. However, the design chosen this time is not about her favorite classic white, but about a more striking, aesthetic model ugly sneakers that combines several colors. With a light platform, these sneakers are perfect for adding centimeters of height -visual- when we wear pants as wide as her, since, despite being high-waisted, they can make us look shorter.

An earring

To finish the styling (and continue to be the best ambassador for your firm), in addition to glasses cat-eye, has added one of the earrings Figure Earrings from Inamorata in one of her ears, adding to a trend, that of asymmetric jewelry, which, although common on the catwalk, is not so common at street level. Will it be a preview of next season?