World Environment Day 2020


Today, Friday 5 June, is the World Environment Day. This day is dedicated to the theme of the dramatic decline in biodiversity on the planet: the current rate of extinction of species puts us in front of the sixth great mass extinction. All of us, however, in our small way, we can take care of the environment and its resources, with important daily gestures.

Let’s find out in detail, for example, how to save water every day and give concrete help to our planet.

. Use the breaker on the taps

Opening and closing the tap is a frequent and habitual action, which we often do without thinking. Even this gesture, however, can be important to save drinking water. If we use a jet breaker and apply it to the tap, for example, we are able to produce significant savings: up to 6,000 liters of water could be saved for three people!

. Turn off the tap when washing

While brushing our teeth, we often let the water flow without using it. If we learned to keep the tap open only for the time really useful for withdrawing the water we need, we could save about 2,500 liters of water per person per year.

. Choose the shower

Well yes, if you are undecided between the shower or the bathroom, opt for the first one. In fact, a shower requires about 20 liters of water, while a bath requires about 150 liters.