Wila has chosen to donate to four Lombard public hospitals


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Milan, 04 June 2020. WILA, the Lombard Integrative Welfare Fund for Crafts, has decided to allocate the donation of 200,000 euros – allocated within the We Love Lombardia campaign – to four public hospitals in the cities of Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona and Milan, the Lombard provinces most affected and with the most critical situation during the coronavirus emergency. “The intent was to structurally strengthen their operations in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects” – affirms Alessandro Beretta, WILA President – “while avoiding that our donation ended up in a general fund without therefore the possibility of determining its specific destination ”. “The Fund” – underlines the Vice President WILA Sandro Corti – “asked the hospitals themselves to present a proposal / project to be financed – directly or indirectly linked to the management of the Covid-19 period – allocating € 50,000 to each”. These projects respond to strong needs for rethinking and restructuring the hospital organization and the need to implement new ways of managing some activities, including through telemedicine. These are the interventions that the Lombard Craft Fund has chosen to support, after analyzing the various proposals: Sacco Hospital in Milan: the WILA donation will support a project that concerns the complex operational unit of medical oncology and will have the aim to ensure that the cancer patient, even during the Covid-19 pandemic, can continue on his path of safe treatment; Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo: the donation will go to support the pediatric intensive care for the purchase of 6 beds; this department is now a regional / national reference for respiratory failure, heart disease, trauma of children, with the possibility of extracorporeal support (ECMO). Each year the hospital admits around 600 children with acute pathologies / transplants. In the current health emergency, it has played a central role with respect to the care of the child in critical conditions with diseases related to coronavirus infection; Cremona Hospital: the project will concern the Oncology Operational Unit and will aim to provide the hospital with a specific IT platform capable of connecting, via the Internet, users and healthcare professionals (hospital, family, territorial clinics) to encourage interchange and thus improve the therapeutic decisions of each individual patient and type of pathology; Spedali Civili di Brescia: with its donation, the WILA Fund will help support the functioning of the pre-triage area for which observation points have been set up pending the outcome of the buffer. Two ambulances dedicated to the transportation of suspect cases have been made available for pre-triage. In the first weeks of acute manifestation of infections, this structure welcomed over 100 patients. The delivery of equipment and equipment donated to individual hospitals is expected in the coming weeks.