Luis Eduardo Ramírez is heartbroken. Her father, José Otoniel Ramírez, 72, died unexpectedly At least that is what his children say, who visited and cared for him with love.

Although he suffered from diabetes, they say that He was a healthy man who lived quietly in the Yomasa neighborhood in Usme and who was respecting confinement. Her children brought her to the market and, thanks to a subsidy, she paid her rent.

But on Sunday, July 12, a neighbor had invited him to eat some pork ribs and that made him sick. The man presented abdominal pain, vomiting, but his illness was calmed at first with a Buscapina.

“On Friday my brother called him, and my dad told him that he felt very bad. So she visited him and decided to spend the night with him, but everything he ate he returned.

So they decided to take him to the San Blas hospital for examination because, although he felt better, the ailment persisted. “When they evaluated it, they told us that they could not enter it because there were no beds or oxygen available,” said Luis Eduardo.

Then they were told that his saturation was 88 and he had tachycardia, so they proceeded to do an electrocardiogram. “There they did tell me to collect my father’s things because he was going to be hospitalized because he was infarcted, but they clarified that we had taken him on time.”

So they channeled him, put him on oxygen, raised his blood glucose because he had it at 60, and then they told the patient’s family that with that he was already stable. “They left him hospitalized, but with that diagnosis we were calm. They told us to call him after 3 in the afternoon to find out about him. ”

But when they wanted to call it was almost impossible. They were passed from one extension to another until after many calls they managed to communicate with a nurse. “She told us to go that the doctor wanted to talk to us. I did so and that was when the doctor told me that my father had died on Sunday, July 19, at 3:15 in the afternoon. ”

The news fell very badly on the family. “First they told me that they had performed a laparotomy on their stomach and that they had found nothing wrong. They never told us that they were going to do this procedure. What happened next was that they intubated him, put him on oxygen and left him on a stretcher to die, ”denounces Luis Eduardo.

The doctor told me that my father had died on Sunday, July 19, at 3:15 in the afternoon, and that most likely, his body could not be veiled.

The family is outraged that they were never called to tell them what the older adult had. “When I made the complaint to the doctor, he did not let his response be recorded, it took me three hours to have his death certificate and they told me that the most probable thing was that they would not let me watch over the body, that I had to have a guarantee from the Ministry of Health “

Yesterday they were told that they were only going to deliver the ashes. “Look, I’m fighting for two things: first, there were many medical inconsistencies, negligence, and two, why don’t they let us do a formal burial if my dad didn’t die of covid-19. Simply because a doctor decided to call it suspicious?

I will not be able to see or recognize his body, they do not want to give me his medical history. ”

This is a humble family that does not have the resources or knowledge to pay for a lawyer, but they assure that they will file a formal complaint. “My dad had diabetes and something he ate hurt him. I don’t think it had anything more serious. ”

EL TIEMPO contacted the South Subnet who explained that the patient was admitted on July 18 at six in the afternoon with severe abdominal pain, fever, chills and difficulty breathing.

They say that signs compatible with an acute myocardial infarction are identified on the admission electrocardiogram. In addition, symptoms such as skin coloration and elevated bilirubin are found, so an infection of the gallbladder is suspected.

They explained that this patient deteriorated rapidly, so he immediately went to the operating room as a vital emergency to undergo surgery. After the procedure, the patient remained on intensive surveillance.

They add that since it came with other symptoms, a chest x-ray was performed, which shows evidence of lung infection, therefore, he is treated as a suspect for COVID-19 infection.

The patient died, according to the hospital, 22 hours after admission to the institution. “According to national guidelines, those killed by Covid-19 or by suspicion or probability of having the virus have the same treatment in the final disposition of the body.”

Despite this version of the hospital, the relatives of the deceased will continue with a lawsuit against the medical personnel.