Who is Maria Elena Boschi? Age, height, boyfriend, Giulio Berruti, Facebook and Instagram

Who is Maria Elena Boschi? When and where was it born? How many years has? How tall is she? Became known in Italy for its political careerMaria Elena Boschi was a minister in government Renzi and State Secretary to the Prime Minister’s Office in the Government Gentiloni. The group leader of Italia Viva in the Chamber of Deputies from 24 September 2019 is very popular and popular on Instagram is Facebook. Now let’s get to know her better, discovering the biography, the career and the private life of the policy Italian.
Maria Elena Boschi – Photo: Facebook

Who is Maria Elena Boschi? The biography

Maria Elena Boschi – Photo: Facebook
Maria Elena Boschi was born on January 24, 1981, under the zodiac sign of Aquarius, in Montevarchi in the province of Arezzo, under the sign of Aquarius. He spent his childhood in Laterina with his family. Her father is Pierluigi Boschi, owner of the agricultural company “Il Palagio”, provincial manager of Coldiretti, member of the Council of the Arezzo Chamber of Commerce, from 2004 to 2010 president of the Confcooperative of Arezzo, and from 2011 to 2015 director of Banca Etruria, of which from 2014 he was also vice president, and of Stefania Agresti (1957), head teacher and involved in local politics, three councils in the municipal council of Laterina, the last of which was deputy mayor, and not elected candidate in 2010 in the regional elections in Tuscany for the Democratic Party. It has two brothers: Emanuele Boschi, accountant and auditor at Studio BL in Florence, previously program and cost manager in Banca Etruria, and Pierfrancesco Boschi, civil engineer. He graduated from the Francesco Petrarca high school in Arezzo in 2000 with 100/100. She graduated with a 110/110 cum laude degree in law from the University of Florence and was then an expert on the subject at the chair of commercial law of the law faculty of the same university. He also holds a master’s degree in corporate law. Firmly Catholic, she was a volunteer, a little girl and a catechist.

Who is Maria Elena Boschi? The carreer

Maria Elena Boschi and Giorgio Napolitano – Photo: Facebook
He worked as a civil lawyer specializing in corporate and corporate law, listed company law and banking law at a law firm in Florence. She was a member of the examining commission of civil law of the School of specialization for the legal professions of Florence. She was also a member of the board of directors of Publiacqua, a subsidiary company in charge of water management for the entire province of Florence, from 2009 to June 4, 2013 (the date on which, following her election as deputy, she resigned). He made his debut in policy in 2008 in the center left primaries for the Mayor of Florence, where he is spokesman for the committees in support of the candidacy for Mayor of Michele Ventura, a member of the Dalemian area of ​​the Democratic Party, a challenger to Matteo Renzi. She was a member of the city leadership of the Democratic Party of Florence. Participant in numerous editions of the Leopolda, of which she will be the first presenter and later the organizer, she immediately joined the current of the “scrappers” led by the Mayor of Florence Matteo Renzi.
Legal advisor to the Mayor of Florence, she was, together with Simona Bonafè and Sara Biagiotti, one of the three coordinators of Matteo Renzi’s election campaign for the center-left primaries of 2012. At the Italian political elections of 2013 she was elected to the Chamber of Deputies in the Tuscany district. She is a member of the I Commission (Constitutional Affairs, of the Prime Minister and Interior) of the Chamber of Deputies, of which she is also Secretary. On December 9, 2013, following Renzi’s victory in the primary Democratic Party elections of 2013, she joined the National Secretariat of the Democratic Party with the role of Head of Institutional Reforms. On February 21, 2014, following the fall of the Letta government, she was appointed minister without portfolio for constitutional reforms and for relations with Parliament in the Renzi government. On 13 October 2015, the Senate approved the so-called Boschi bill on constitutional reforms in its first resolution, which then returned to the Chamber, which approved it on 11 January 2016 and definitively three months later. The reform was rejected with 60% of the votes against the subsequent constitutional referendum of December 4, 2016. On December 12, 2016 she was appointed as sole secretary of the presidency of the Council in the Gentiloni government, generating numerous controversies, due to her previous statements regarding the abandonment of political offices in case of victory of the “No” in the constitutional referendum. Re-elected deputy in the ranks of the PD in the elections of March 2018, she remained in office as undersecretary until 1 June 2018.
On 17 September 2019 he left the PD and joined Italia Viva, a centrist party founded by Matteo Renzi, of which he is group leader in the Chamber of Deputies. In 2019 he started his university career again at the Jean Monnet chair of the European University of Rome with a series of seminars on the role of women in public administrations, in business and in innovation processes.

Who is Maria Elena Boschi? Private life

Maria Elena Boschi – Photo: Facebook
As for his private life, the politics of Italia Viva had a love story with Andrea Bruno Savelli, Italian actor and director. He would later have a liaison with Francesco Bonifazi, treasurer of the PD. In January 2020 she declared that she was back single. Dagospia then attributed her a relationship with Nicola Cesari. Then much was written and said about his alleged relationship with the sexy actor Giulio Berruti.