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Creating a trend for people to keep an eye on After a picture of celebrity model Kendall Jenner twining with a man named Fai Khadra on the wedding of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, the question arises: Or will this be Kendall Jenner’s newest boyfriend? Kendall has also posted on Instagram saying that she and this guy are not just dating, but are just pairing up for work as friends. This is not the first time that Kendall and Fai Khadra have been seen in the media. Fai Khadra is considered one of Kendall’s friend gangs. They have been spotted together since 2016. Fai also appeared on Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 16, as well as having a picture with other celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian or even the Hadid brothers in the media. We went to try and see what this young man has.

Fai Khadra was born in Saudi Arabia. Growing up in Dubai, now aged 27 years, became known as a pop singer. Having released a single titled “Love It” 4 years ago, but no longer performing. Fai is the brother of the famous twin DJ “Sama and Haya Abu Khadra”. Currently, he works as Model and DJ The young man had been dating a world-class model Devon Windsor in 2015, and despite Kendall’s denial of dating. Fans of Kendall are secretly hoping that their relationship will continue to improve. Because the atmosphere when these two people are together is very natural

Fai appeared on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

# 1. Wield the wedding of Justine Bieber and Hailey Baldwin.

# 2. Join the Halloween party with Kendall last year.

# 3. Went to see Wimbledon tennis together in June

# 4. Intimate partner

# 5. Just a friend,

# 6. Invite friends for a walk

# 7. Spend free time together chillingly

# 8. Kendall Says Best Freind Really

# 9. Fai DJ’s Airs

# 10. Sharp casting

# 11. Take off your clothes

# 12. It’s a good job.

# 13. Be a gentle person also loves animals.

# 14. Handsome, plus grounding

# 15. Oops! Good posture

# 16. There will be a little hipster

# 17. This young man’s hobby is sailing with the gang.

# 18. Being a model, it must be a little fashion

# 19. Closeup, look.

# 20. Cool, casual look

Looking at the picture of the time when both are together Can’t really regret If both were just close friends However, Hollywood entertainment media And the fans of both of them prayed and couldn’t cheer for them to be lovers Especially Kendall’s fan club, they feel that when Kendall is with Fai, it looks very happy and relaxing.