WhatsApp, the chat forever deleted from these smartphones

Whatsapp, even in the weeks characterized by the virus emergency, it presented a series of important changes to the public. In the previous days, for example, we talked to you about the arrival of two important upgrades such as night mode and automatic storage of contacts via QR code.

WhatsApp is no longer available on these smartphones

Developer work for evolution of WhatsApp therefore continues incessantly and even in the months that will come users will receive important updates for the service, both in its desktop version and in its mobile version.

As is well known, updating the messaging platform involves considerable efforts in terms of economic resources. The priority of the developers is obviously to guarantee the best results for the latest generation smartphones.

The continuous review of WhatsApp for compatible devices is not new. Since the beginning of the year, in fact, the chat is no longer available on a wide range of devices. For example, as regards the iPhone, WhatsApp is no longer present on iPhone 6 or earlier. As regards, however, i Android devices developers have eliminated compatibility with versions of the operating system prior to 2.3.7. Even on obsolete Windows Phone smartphones, the service is no longer available.

Failure compatibility of WhatsApp with older smartphones and operating systems, does not automatically cancel the chat. Where already installed, the platform will continue to operate, but with a considerable limit. In fact, users will no longer be able to count on what is necessary, if not fundamental security updates.