What does the expression “Bomboclaat” mean?


If you like to get lost in the twists and turns of Twitter or on the accounts dedicated to memes on Instagram, it is impossible to miss the “Bomboclaat” phenomenon which punctuates the funny images of social networks. But in fact, concretely, what does this expression mean?

“Bomboclaat” has its origins in Jamaican culture, and more specifically in Caribbean music. Its goal? Give a big boost to the start of a song, especially in dancehall reggae. According to the Huffington Post, in an interview, Vybz Kartel, aka one of the leaders in this genre of music, said:

It is the culture of Jamaica, it is a rhythm, a way of life, an attitude, it is the language of the people, bomboclaat that! “

either, “tear it up!” According to the famous magazine. Another origin of the expression exists, however, although still linked to Jamaican culture. Indeed, according to linguists Joseph T. Farquharson and Byron Jones in the collective work Global English Slang: Methodologies and Perspectives, relayed by Le Monde, “Bomboclaat” is “a language derived from English which developed at the end of the XVIIe century of contact with many speakers of Nigerian-Congolese languages ​​who were transported to Jamaica as slaves and speakers of different dialects of British English ”.

A state of discomfort pronounced

But in the memes that we see on the Web, the mention “Bomboclaat” marks astonishment, surprise, uneasiness or even a reversal of the situation. This expression therefore invites, with humor, to create an association between a situation and an image.

For the little anecdote, “Bomboclaat” is the contraction between “Bombo”, meaning blood, and “Clat”, which means “Clothes” … All of which means “Sanitary napkin”.

Bomboclaat, or “bomboklaat” or “bumboclaat” is basically an insult which means “sanitary napkin” in the Caribbean island dialect. It refers to menstruation considered to be a stain. “