What does “malaka” mean? (Greek word)


“Malaka” is probably the best known, most heard and spoken Greek word in and outside Greece. It has different meanings depending on the context. Malaka literally means “wanker”.

“Malaka” can be understood in a friendly way. If friends talk to “Malaka”, it is understood as “buddy”, “dude” or “age”.

“Malaka” can also be an insult. The word “malaka” is literally translated as “wanker” and can also be understood as “idiot”, “asshole”, “pipe” or “dork”.

Something can also be called “malaka” if it is stupid, stupid or senseless. Then the expression is used to say that it is stupidity or idiocy. Here “Malakies” is said.


A dialogue between two Greeks can look like this:

A: “Ti kanis re malaka?” (In German: “How are you, wanker?”)
B: “eimai kala, essi malaka?” (In German: “I’m fine and you, wanker?”)

What does Malaka mean literally?

“Malaka” comes from the Greek word “malakos” (Greek: μαλακός). “Malakos” means “soft”, “soft” or “soft” in the sense of being spoiled.

It is related to the Greek word for masturbation “Malakia”.

In combination of “masturbation” and “soft” the following explanation results: Someone is a wanker “Malaka” because he / she masturbates too much and as a result his brain has become soft.


The number of Malaka is Malaka (Greek: μαλάκα).
The majority are: Malakas (Greek: μαλάκας).

The female form of the Malaka is: malako (Greek: μαλάκω)

Spellings: Malacca (The term Malaka is sometimes spelled with two “k”), Maláka

Where does “Malaka” come from?

In ancient Greece, the term “malakas” meant “insane”, “weak” or “cowardly”. The expression is derived from the Greek word “malakono” (Greek: μαλακώνω), which means “soften” or “soften” in German. (In the English language, the verb “to soften” would be used.)

The expression has also found its way into the Latin language as “malacia”. This is a disease term for tissue that softens and dissolves abnormally and diseased. The German expression is “Malazie”.

In the Hellenistic period “Malaka” was an expression for passive same-sex. It was only in the Middle Ages that the word got its current meaning: wanker, someone who masturbates.

“Malaka” in German rap

German rappers also use the term “malaka” in their lyrics. Here are some examples:

  • Zuna – Song: “Number 1” – Song line: “Malaka, head ‘bottle in the beach hotel”
  • 187 Street Gang – Song: “Dangerous!” – Song line: “Malaka with Feta and Ouzo”
  • Inscope21 – Song: “Meine Clique” – Song line: “Skase re, malaka!” (In German: “Shut up, wanker”)
  • Silla – song: “Street Kings Collabo Remix” – song line: “Malaka, load the magazine”
  • Milonair – Song: “Dadash is’ so” – Song line: “You know the Azzlack, re Malaka”
  • Farid Bang – Song: “Mein Block” – Song line: “will you remain a B * stard Malaka”
  • MC Bomber – song: “Männersache” – song line: “Das Backseatkommando mit dem Stahlpimp, malaka”
  • Veysel – song: “Azzlackz Bumaye” – song line: “Uppercut, was los, Malaka”
  • Chaker – Song: “Citycode” – Song line: “I fuck your ass, Malaka”
  • Tiavo – song: “Aristotle” – song line: “Salonika, Malaka”


Incidentally, “Moloko” has nothing to do with “Malaka”. Moloko is Russian and means: milk.

More meanings of Malaka

“Malaka” is the name of the administrative district in West Timor. It is located on the south coast of the island of Timor.

Bernward Malaka (* 1962) is a German musician, publisher and managing director of now-in.org GmbH.

Tan Malaka (1897-1949) was an Indonesian teacher, writer and philosopher, as well as an activist against the colonial government in Dutch India.

Malacca is a city in Malaysia.