With the help of artificial intelligence, these glasses are intended to read and visualize human emotions.

The artifact was developed by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and Monash University in Australia. Called Neo-noumena, the glasses use an augmented reality interface and are based on signals from the brain connected to a system that interprets them, according to the specialized media in ‘Xataka’ technology.

These brain messages are analyzed through mechanisms such as the electroencephalogram, which sends them to a program and it sends them to the glasses. From there arise four visual cues, according to the mood, which are recorded in the glasses.

“With our work we show how to design interactive technology to help people be more in tune with their emotions, as well as to understand and respond better to the feelings of others”Stated one of the developers, according to ‘Xataka’

The device was developed in Australia to help couples living together.

The idea is to use them in conjunction with another person to understand and manage each other’s emotions. The artifact only works if people are face to face. The glasses were tested on a sample of 10 people.

According to the researchers, during the test it was possible to more easily regulate the emotions of the people who were interacting. That is to say, Better communication between them was achieved based on the knowledge of what the other felt.

Brain signals are interpreted by a system that works very similar to a computer.

The objective of the glasses is to improve emotional communication between people when they meet in person. The prototype is still in development and is expected to be launched on the market this year.

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