Veronesi attacks Salvini: “Dangerous, I’ll leave Rome”


The demonstrations of the center-right in Rome on 2 June sparked controversy and reactions from leftist circles. Social media have arisen at the sight of the many people who have taken to the streets with Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloniaccused of being generators of gatherings. “The right is a hotbed of viruses,” reads today’s headlines in reference to the demonstration of the center-right in Rome. The same indignation did not provoke the demonstrations of April 25 in the same capital by the red flags, which marched through the streets, without a mask and spacing, in full lockdown. Among those who wanted to have their say on social networks too Giovanni Veronesi, director, who with a series of tweets threw javes at Matteo Salvini, even threatening his escape from Rome after yesterday’s parades.

So: dear Salvini, on 2 June the flowers of the unknown soldier are brought by the President of the Republic. Who are you? You are just an honorable who hurts his job and has done worse than minister when someone wickedly called you to do it. Keep calm“, Giovanni Veronesi writes in a tweet, vehemently attacking the leader of the League. Not satisfied, the director then launched his challenge in the form of a threat:”So: I am leaving Rome again. What I saw yesterday in the square was something disgusting and dangerous for the community, moreover offensive to the Republic. The infections will certainly go back because of them irresponsible“. Giovanni Veronesi certainly does not stop here, but ends his speech with yet another tweet:”So: Salvini is an irresponsible. He is unable to lead any party, he demonstrated yesterday. It is devoid of any kind of respect for the Republic, arrogant and dangerous for society. And still someone has the doubt whether to send him to trial?“.

So: for Giovanni Veronesi the demonstrations in Rome would be a threat to society but they were not the ones on April 25th. The director is so afraid that he wants to leave Rome and has continued to point his finger at Matteo Salvini, sharing a tweet in which there is a photo of one of the Fratelli d’Italia banners with the words: “Peace and love? No thanks! Long live the armed forces “. Again Giovanni Veronesi’s words are not tender. “A responsible and intelligent leader would forbid such a banner because it is stupid, it has nothing to do with it, it is really insidious, it almost makes you laugh“, writes the director. Before this long harangue against Salvini, Giovanni Veronesi also made other tweets, which however are not” dedicated “, therefore it is not possible to attribute the recipient with certainty.”Therefore: if yesterday’s demonstration was not authorized, they must all be arrested because they were like ticks one to the other. If, on the other hand, it was authorized today, I will throw away the mask and send them all to hell because they took us for a ride. You decide“wrote the director convinced.