Under the Riccione sun: the Italian summer on Netflix

The antidote to a summer of distances and masks is a dive into the near past, yet very distant, with the new Netflix movie, Under the Riccione sun, on the platform from July 1st. This concentrate of pop culture brings together a new generation of actors, screenwriters and directors, with a deus ex machina like Enrico Vanzina.

The holiday soundtrack – starting from the song that gives the title to the story – is signed by Tommaso Paradiso, former leader of TheGiornalisti, who held a free concert in the square last October to shoot the scene of his performance on stage. For his video clips – but also for those of Jovanotti and Marco Mengoni – Antonio Usbergo & Niccolò Celaia, stage name YouNuts, are known, who this time sign the direction.

Under the Riccione sky

Next to a proven “old guard” made up of Isabella Ferrari, Luca Ward and Andrea Roncato a variegated group of very young confirmations, led by Cristiano Caccamo (recently star of Celebrity Hunted with Fedez and Francesco Totti). The others are faces known to Millennials in the most popular productions: Lorenzo Zurzolo comes from Baby, Ludovica Martino from Skam Italy, Saul Nanni from Alex & co and Sergio Ruggeri from Maggie and Bianca. Perhaps less familiar names will hole up next to them, but they will soon become teen idols (Davide Calgaro, Matteo Oscar Giuiggioli, Claudia Tranchese and Fotinì Peluso).

Loves and friendships on vacation they bind these characters together, intertwining nostalgic memories and present trepidation. They are very different from each other: Vincenzo (Lorenzo Zurzolo) is a blind young man with a bulky mother in tow (Isabella Ferrari), who seeks his independence and the first heartbeats, while Furio (Davide Calgaro) is the son of the bathroom manager frequented by all of them, a glue for this romantic and somewhat funny clique. Marco (Saul Nanni), all glasses and shyness, has been madly in love for five years with Guenda (Fotinì Peluso), who instead does not consider him at all from that point of view. Here then comes on the scene Gualtiero (Andrea Roncato), a sort of trailer guru, with playboy past days as a lifeguard. The beach watchman passes to Ciro (Cristiano Caccamo), a southern boy with many dreams of musical glory, who then falls back on this summer job. Everyone, in one way or another, is looking for something, regardless of age and sometimes even without knowing it.

A classic, in short, between umbrellas and pedal boats, for those who dream of a period of relaxation after an intense year. And it certainly cannot be said that 2020 did not make it more necessary – and even more complicated – so the timing seems perfect to smile again thinking about the adventures at the sea, the companies of the past and perhaps even the missed opportunities.

The trailer shows all the must-haves of the season, from the bottle game to the disco nights. You can see dives in the pool, attempts to get out of the friendzone with clumsy attempts and a few too many peeks on social media, not to mention the dating apps and Cupid’s advice from friends who are a little too casual.

The ideal cocktail for a light and funny story? Judging by the first images released by Netflix, it would seem so.