Ultimo ends in the storm for a “like” too much. “You really are a carer”

There is a very heated controversy that is flaring up in the world of social media and that has fallen upon Last like a real storm. The famous Italian artist, who has always been contested for his controversial declarations (as happened at the Sanremo Festival when he did not digest Mahmood’s victory), has now been heavily criticized by the people of Twitter for too much like de The Courier published in late May. The newspaper in publishing an article that updates the evolution of pandemic in our country, receives a very strange comment from a user who, oddly enough, in turn received the “applause” from Ultimo.

“There is no pandemic and, to the surprise of the surprises, the State of Emergency has been extended until January 31, 2021. Come on, laugh with those useless and harmful masks on you.” Fans of the artist would have noticed that Ultimo would have liked this comment in particular, which is then read on the Twitter profile of the Courier service. From here on and during the day of June 2, to the sound of #UltimoIsOverPary, the web becomes indignant and begins to heavily attack the young Italian singer.

“He just can’t do it,” reads. “This is yet another confirmation of Ultimo’s arrogance and indifference,” writes another user on social media. “Ultimo is a good artist but as usual his arrogance shows who he really is”, chirps one of the many commentators who joined in the protest. “Fame has given him head,” adds an indignant fan. By monitoring network traffic so far, Last has not yet responded the heavy charges he has received over the past few hours. Whether he was voluntary or not, many things are disputed to the singer. How can anyone who screams loudly say that the pandemic is just an invention of governed? In an attempt to find a gesture to Ultimo’s behavior, the singer is believed to be disappointed and indignant as far as has happened in his sector, given that precisely because of the virus, all his concerts have been postponed to next year and are awaiting certain news regarding the provision. The fact is that for almost 24 hours the controversy has been going viral around the web and the hashtag is also in trend. We are only waiting for Ultimo’s answer, but many believe that it may never come.