Tonight exclusively Everyone is Perfect on Rai 1, discover the plot and the characters


Everyone is perfect: tonight in prime time the first date with fiction. Below is the plot, cast and episode trailer. Tonight the second episode of the fiction from 21 and 25 on Rai 1.

Everyone is perfect: plot

The series tells the story of a group of guys with Down syndrome who work in the packaging department of a company that produces chocolate. Miriam, the owner, hired Rick and life is about to change for the boy. In fact, despite some initial hesitation, the love between him and Tina has finally broken out. Rick is always happier and even seems serene about the separation between his parents.

His mother Alessia left for San Diego for a professional occasion and now the boy finds himself alone with his father. In the meantime, Miriam fights with the board of directors not to close the pakcaging department of her company and seems to succeed. The love between Rick and Tina infects everyone, especially Emma Miriam’s mother who, despite not being able to speak, feels a special bond grow with the boy. But the happiness of the boys does not last long though: Tina and her mother are in fact forced to leave Italy due to problems with the residence permit and return to Albania.

Cast and curiosity

Tonight the second episode of the fiction will air. Each one is perfect is structured in six episodes divided into two for each episode. The first episode aired yesterday evening, while the second and third will air tonight and December 23 respectively.

The cast is made up of prominent characters who give character to the narrative. In fact we find: Gabriele Di Bello who plays Rick, Cristiana Capotondi instead is Miriam, Alice De Carlo instead plays Tina. Alessia’s role is entrusted to Nicole Grimaudo, while Rick’s dad is played by Edoardo Leo as Ivan.

Each one is perfect is directed by Giacomo Campiotti who has the goal of creating a tender and exciting comedy. The story of the boys employed by the Abrate Chocolate Shop is set in Turin.

Among the locations we find Docks Dora, where the children’s clothing showroom has been transformed into the chocolate shop where Rick finds a job. Other shots were made in the Peyrano pastry shop, in the L’Opposto restaurant and in the Le Nuove Prison Museum. But among the locations we can also find the Metropolitan City headquarters and Sandro Pertini airport.

Everyone is perfect: trailer

For those who missed the first episode, they can retrieve it on Raiplay. Meanwhile, we can get to know the characters better by watching the trailer of the fiction, waiting for the second episode of this evening.