Tommaso Paradiso: “My father abandoned me when I was a few months old. I stood in front of the door so as not to let him go away”

Mother Nazaria he is the most powerful figure in my life. My only guide, my heroine, very strict but the best mother I could wish for. She raised me alone and said I suffered a lot when my father was constantly leaving home“. To reveal it is Tommaso Paradiso, the ex frontman songwriter and musician TheGiornalisti, that in an interview with Maurizio Costanzo aired on Thursday 4 June in the late evening on Canale 5 he told himself with an open heart, revealing some of themvery private necdotes from his childhood, as precisely the abandonment suffered by the father. “I was very few months old. I stood in front of the door to keep him from leaving – recalled Paradiso -. Then my mother said to him: ‘Look, this kid can’t go on with these mood swings, tears: either you are a father or you are not a father “. He didn’t feel it and went away“.

Thus was born his strong bond with his mother even though his father has recently come forward: “Recently he showed up because I became Tommaso. I didn’t even answer him. The paradoxical thing is that he commented me on a post on Instagram: I had published a photo with Carlo Verdone and I wrote: ‘Maybe I’m just looking for a father’ embracing Verdone who, for me, it’s like he was a father. I see in the comments, this person who writes: ‘You see that a father has always had it‘. And then I find out it’s him. ”

And then again he told of his growth in a matriarchal family of which he often speaks in the lyrics of his songs full of romance and emotions; the love relationship with the girlfriend, Carolina Sansoni, his deep desire to become a father and his degree in philosophy. “I would like 12 children … I would like to be a father so much … I can’t wait for it to happen… ”, He admitted, revealing that he had just finished writing a film. “I finished writing a movie with two other screenwriters: Luca Infascelli and Chiara Barzini. We had to shoot these days – says Tommaso Paradiso – but then everything is slipped. If I love music, I have to say that I love movies even more. I’m sick of Antonioni, Fellini, Scola, Magni, Pietrangeli … My fiancée Carolina can’t take it anymore because we only see films until 1970 “.

And then Tommaso Paradiso also spoke of the break with the other two components of TheGiornalisti Tommaso: “A few days after the last date of the Tour of Love (2019), he joins TheGiornalisti this lawyer who breaks the cards. If there hadn’t been this figurto – who really created some ugly mess between us – maybe we would still have been together … “. And to Maurizio Costanzo’s question: “Do you think about getting back together with TheGiornalisti?“, He replied_” No, in life I never went back on something. I don’t believe in heated soups. By now my songwriting streak has come out so much, this has also led to the dissolution … I have practically done the last two records myself. Marco and Marco played live “. “Are The Journalists gone forever?” Costanzo urged. “Yup”.