Three exhibitions, open from Friday to Sunday

Fondazione Prada has announced the reopening of the Milan office from Friday 5 June 2020. The exhibition spaces will be open to the public from Friday to Sunday, from 10 to 19. The visit will consist of the three temporary exhibitions “K”, “The Porcelain Room “and” Storytelling “.

In the internal and external spaces of the foundation, all the sanitary and safety measures necessary to preserve the health of the public and staff and ensure a pleasant and peaceful visit experience will be arranged. In compliance with the rules on containment and management of the epidemiological emergency, entry is limited and requires the purchase of the ticket online. Permanent projects “Atlas”, “Haunted House”, “Le Studio d’Orphée” and “Grotesque process” cannot be visited. The programming of the Cinema, the activities of the Children’s Academy and the guided tours are temporarily suspended.

Bar Luce and Ristorante Torre both reopen from 5 June and will be active from Friday to Sunday at the following times: from 10 to 19 for the Bar Luce and from 18 to 23 for the Torre Restaurant.

After the interruption of activities due to the health emergency, the exhibition program of the Milan office will undergo some changes. “K”, a project that explores the literary universe of Franz Kafka through the works of Martin Kippenberger, Orson Welles and Tangerine Dream, will be extended until October 25, 2020. The exhibitions “The Porcelain Room”, a research on the historical context, the purpose and impact of the Chinese export porcelain, and “Storytelling”, a personal exhibition dedicated to the artist Liu Ye, will be extended until 10 January 2021. The Ca ‘Corner della Regina headquarters in Venice and the Milan Observatory will reopen at public in 2021.

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The foundation’s website and social channels will continue to function as a laboratory of ideas and an agile and creative platform where new digital projects such as “Love Stories” will be developed, conceived by Francesco Vezzoli for the Instagram account of Fondazione Prada and ongoing until as of July 19, 2020.