Things you need To Know About Workplace Security

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Keeping your staff safe is a priority for all employers. Workplace safety covers a variety of areas, from road safety to personal safety. Increasing workplace security gives your staff peace of mind, knowing that they, and their vehicle and other valuables, are safe while they are working. This also shows that the company are committed to their staff’s wellbeing and are taking the necessary measures to create a comfortable, productive work environment. Here are some key things to know about workplace security.

If your office or workplace has parking facilities, it is important to keep any pedestrians safe. You can do this by protecting pavements and other pedestrian areas with bollards. This way, it makes it clear where vehicles can and cannot go, as well as significantly reducing the possibility of workplace injuries or accidents. In the event of a break-in, bollards can also stop vehicles from having easy access to workplace entrances and exits. 

In terms of personal safety for staff, it’s important to secure parking areas, walkways, and building entrances. You can do this by keeping these areas well-lit, and installing emergency buttons or call boxes. This is so if a member of staff feels threatened or is attacked, they have a way of notifying the police or security staff. 

Making use of CCTV can help your staff feel safe, will deter any potential thieves or attackers and help you monitor your workplace. This increases transparency and security for staff and visitors alike, and can keep your company prepared if any incidents do occur. Hiring a security company can also be an effective way of maintaining workplace security by providing a physical security presence, which often puts people more at ease.

It is advisable to have a security plan and policy in place at your office or work area, so that all staff and visitors have a clear understanding of procedures and guidelines. This can include emergency procedures in the event of a break-in or extreme weather, or accidents such as fires or injury. Health and safety policies should be made visible and available to all staff, and the policies themselves must adhere to national health and safety guidelines.

Lastly, an important thing to know about workplace security is that it must be embedded in your company’s culture. Having the appropriate measures in place to protect your employees is paramount, however, is it just as important to implement them too. Create a culture of transparency and accountability amongst your staff, so that they feel comfortable coming forward about any security issues. Encourage trust and respect in the workplace, and ensure that everyone gets their voice heard. In the event that someone is attacked or made to feel uncomfortable, deal with the issue head-on, and take the necessary measures so that the victim feels protected. Your employees’ safety must be a top priority for management, as feeling safe and happy at work is the key to productive, positive change and progress.