Anna and Lucy DeCinque are two identical twins who are preparing to be mothers. A choice that many women in this world make every day, decide to take the path of motherhood, but with this case with a surprise included. After having several relationships, Anna and Lucy fell in love with the same man. Ben Byrne is the pair of these two identical twins who keep a secret that makes them even more special. They were not born equal, they were touched up to achieve that result and now they intend to have one child at a time to demonstrate this union that goes beyond the physical part.

Two identical gems want to be mothers at the same time with the same man

Anna and Lucy’s life is not conventional. They are twins, but not identical, they decided to go through the operating room to get similar even more. Thanks to some 250,000 euros in plastic surgery they are physically identical, it is difficult to differentiate them or it is almost impossible to obtain it.

Ben Byrne is the man who shares life with them and a future father with a lot of work ahead. The polygamy of this trio is not legal in their country, Australia, but they have still happily shared their lives for 8 years. A relationship that will be reinforced with the arrival of children who will have a little trouble just after birth. They will be brothers and cousins ​​at the same time, something that not everyone can say.

This trio will be about to make history. At the moment the twins are preparing by freezing their eggs. The traditional method does not serve them by having a single man, they want to get pregnant at the same time, so they will opt for an artificial insemination system. They have shift schedules at home, but something as serious as having a baby cannot be left to chance, everything must be perfect. In a few months they may share the happy news of the expected birth of two cousins ​​with twin mothers and the same father.