The Triennale reopens ‘moving’ to the garden

Culture, cinema, music, shows, design and activities for the little ones outdoors, in the garden. This is the Triennale program for summer 2020, presented on Thursday, the day on which the Milanese museum reopens its doors (from 5 pm) after the lockdown caused by the coronavirus emergency.

The program

The summer schedule will be inaugurated on Monday 15 June in the presence of the minister for goods, cultural activities and tourism Dario Franceschini, the mayor Giuseppe Sala and the governor Attilio Fontana. The heart of this season’s activities will be the garden, which houses works by great artists and designers, such as the Mysterious Baths, created by Giorgio de Chirico in 1973 for the 15th Triennale, the Puppet Theater of Alessandro and Francesco Mendini and the Le Signore seats by Gaetano Pesce.

The president of the Triennale Stefano Boeri illustrated the new and rich program: “We tried to bring the life of the Triennale into the garden. Extracting the spaces of entertainment, culture and entertainment seemed to us a viable idea that could be worth doing, trying to bring into play the inventiveness and creativity that this building and its inhabitants has always shown. ”

In the Triennale garden, dialogues, performances, meetings and much more will alternate. In particular, a series of conversations and dialogues will be held in the area closest to Parco Sempione; the large space on the porch will host events related to cinema and music; while literature will take place in the clearing. Finally, a space will be dedicated to the bar and restaurant.

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“It is an ambitious project – Boeri underlined – that we think can give the idea of ​​what culture should do in these conditions: not to be against fear and above all not to end up in a defensive situation but to try to adapt by creating and innovating and somehow imagining formats capable of dealing with the new reality that we will find in the coming months. Another wonderful thing was the choice to make a space dedicated to children in the morning “.