Dark 3 Third Season On Netflix. The Trailer And When It Will Come Out

Dark 3: third season on Netflix is ​​coming. The release date and the official trailer of the third and final season of the series have been revealed.

The news that Dark 3 will be there and is the last season, has already arrived on May 30, 2019. To make it known was the same creator Baran Bo Odar on his account Instagram. But even before the official announcement, a trailer released a short time earlier on Netflix’s Youtube channel, had defined the show as a trilogy.

With his post, however, Barah removed all doubts, and showing a photo with the script of the second season, he wrote: “It’s official! We are working on season 3 of Dark. The final cycle of a great journey. We always had three seasons in mind when we were developing Dark. We are happy to announce that we will start shooting the third and final season in four weeks, so we can give you the next chapter of Dark next year. Thanks to Netflix for believing in us! Thanks to all Dark fans around the world. You are fantastic! We love you!”.

Dark 3 coming to Netflix

Since the beginning Dark had been conceived in three seasons. In fact, not long ago Netflix, he added on the account Twitter Dark, an interview with Baran, who explained the reason why they only wanted to do three seasons: “We talked about it with Netflix. We had ideas until Season 3 of Dark. We didn’t want to create something too unsatisfactory in the end. ”

When it comes out?

The question that all Dark fans now ask is when will season 3 come out? At first the precise release date of the new season of the German show was unknown. However, it was known that filming began in late June 2019, as evidenced by Baran Bo Odar’s Instagram post, and post-production had almost ended by the end of March. No impediment causes coronavirus, therefore, for the final season of the German TV series. In early April, the season was in post-production.

Given that Dark plays on the date factor, fans suspected that Season 3’s return was on June 27, 2020, which marks the day of the Apocalypse in the TV series. In fact, a similar phenomenon had already occurred with the first season, during which the release of the second had been revealed: the suicide of Michael Kahnwald takes place on June 21, 2019, or the release date of the season 2.

To support this hypothesis there is another clue. L’TV Time app reports on its database as its own date June 27, 2020. This application is used by those who want to keep track of all the episodes seen in each series, but also the release of their favorite shows and those still unpublished.

Only later was this confirmed as official information. In fact, in conjunction with the debut of the trailer, it was also discovered when Dark 3 comes out, or precisely on June 27, 2020.

Dark 3: advances and trailers

Although the second installment of the German TV series was available for streaming as early as June 2019, we still have no official anticipations on the plot of season 3 of Dark. We cannot say what Dark 3 is about. The certain things are that we will still hear about time travel and we will see the characters in the past, present and future.

According to some rumors, Dark 3 will be divided into 8 episodes, lasting between 45 and 60 minutes. In particular, the final series will last 68 minutes.

The Netflix streaming platform will handle the distribution on all the territories where the service is available. No longer offering the free trial month, however, you will need to register and pay a monthly subscription to be able to see Dark.

Waiting for the next release, however, Netflix has already made available the trailer of the third season on its youtube channel that you can see here.