The publisher’s shocking revelation: “Epstein left me a cat’s head in front of the house”

Recently a docuserie and a new book have been released that tell about the crimes committed by Jeffrey Epstein. The millionaire accused of pedophilia, died in prison, has abused underage girls for years, in the shadow of his sumptuous villas and covered by influential friends, whom the diabolical magnate kept in his hand by blackmailing them. But not only that: Epstein used to be to threaten those who dared to get in his way. Graydon Carter, former director of Vanity Fair, was one of the victims who experienced it on his skin cruelty of the financier.

As revealed by the The Sun, in 2007 the publisher was preparing a piece on the events in which the millionaire was involved, when on his return home with his family, he made a discovery upsetting. A head cat and a bullet they had been left in front of his door. Despite not having evidence to support his thesis, Carter says he is sure that the macabre surprise was left by Epstein in order to intimidate him. The same opinion is John Connolly, a journalist for Vanity Fair, who told what happened to his boss that day in 2007. “There was a cat’s head on their porch”Connolly revealed in the Netflix documentary. “There is no doubt: it had been left by Epstein or someone sent by him.”

Carter, worried by the incident, however revealed that he had not succumbed to intimidation of the man and to have gone on with the piece.“Epstein surrounded himself with people who knew how to be scary if you didn’t prove you were tough. At the time there was no investigation and I had no idea at the beginning who was responsible. “ The millionaire’s intimidating methods were on the agenda and he would have done anything to preserve his privacy and above all, not to leak his most intimate and sordid secrets. According to Connolly the financier “Knew no boundaries” and it seems that he once hired a private detective to investigate the private life of the Palm Beach police chief, guilty of having opened an investigation into the trafficking in minors man.

But the threatening episodes that Epstein used, struck more than one person within the Vanity Fair editorial staff. In 2003 Vicky Ward, journalist of the famous magazine, was writing a piece of investigation into the crimes committed by the mysterious wealthy financier, and decided to interview two of his victims. One day he received one phone call by Epstein himself who left the reporter to say the least shocked. “Vicky, if I don’t like the piece you wrote, it could be hard for you and your family”the magnate said. At the time, Ward was expecting twins and what the man told her, gave her the opportunity to understand badness of man and his power. “Where will you give birth? It doesn’t matter, I know all the doctors from all the hospitals. If I don’t like the article, I’ll have a wizard come to the hospital and curse your kids. ”

As a gangster accustomed to leading by force, Jeffrey Epstein, ace of high finance and facade philanthropist, managed to conceal his true nature for many years predatory and diverted, thanks to intimidation. But the round of child prostitution he had created was now too vast, and even the threats did not prevent investigators from ending his crimes. Epstein will die suicide in prison on 10 August 2019.