The Mystery Of The Dead Fish. What Happens In The Tiber?


It is a horror film scenario that presented itself on Sunday morning in the eyes of the citizens who strolled along the docks of the Tiber: hundreds of fishes dead come to the surface and transported by the waters of the river. A real massacre that continues to take place in the stretch from Ponte Milvio to Ponte Marconi.

This is evidenced by the images shot this morning below Sant’Angelo castel, where dozens of carcasses continue to float. This was reported by the International Animal Protection Organization (OIPA) in Rome. The first to raise the alarm on Sunday morning through a zoophilic guard who alerted the local police. “In the past we have witnessed episodes of this type, and we ask once again that light be shed on this serious episode that affects the biodiversity of the capital”, denounced the Roman delegate of Oipa, Rita Corboli.

The results of the reliefs carried out on Monday morning by the zooprophylaxis service of the ASL Roma 1 and by the Arpa Lazio, which took several samples of water and some fish. They will be the results of the analysis to ascertain the causes of the disaster. The pentastellate parliamentarians Ilaria Fontana and Federica Daga talk about “puzzling images that deserve all our attention”. “All the authorities have been alerted and the competent bodies are working in these hours to patrol the river to verify the existence of any illegal spills”, say the deputies, both members of the Chamber’s Environment Committee.

For years, in fact, the banks of the Biondo river have been dotted with slums and landfill abusive in several places. For now, however, the Tiber Protection Department has excluded that any spills of substances may have caused the death of animals. Some also speculate that the waste water released by last week’s rains may have caused the death of fish species. An exceptional circumstance which, however, he remembers Republic, had already occurred in 2017.

The ecological movement has also denounced the situation Ecoitaliasolidale. “The fish continue to die and are dragged by the current towards the sea”, said the president, Piergiorgio Benvenuti, in a note. “It is necessary – he said after an inspection near the Science bridge – to immediately reclaim the banks of the river, to place barriers to prevent the spill at sea, to understand the causes and the nature of poisoning, to ascertain the degree of pollution produced to protect public health, fish life, the protection of the river and the biodiversity of the capital “.

For movement activists “precious time has already been wasted”. The situation, they warn, could “get worse in the next few hours”. They also think the same way fromOipa that, “while understanding the necessary technical times”, with a post on Facebook solicit again “the authorities responsible for implementing the necessary actions to put an end to the massacre”.