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Mar 23, 2016


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It should be remembered that this is the festival of Ostara, the Norse goddess of fertility (Oestre in the Teutonic version and thus the origin of words like oestrogen).

The eggs are obvious fertility symbols and have nothing to do with Xtanity.

I do think, though, that Ostara might be a little upset if we forget to honour her by putting Easter on the eggs.

And upsetting the goddess of fertility look like a fairly rash thing to do.

Not so fast on the Easter having pagan roots thing there.

I just heard the news about the Easter eggs on the bus home. If I had been told it was from the daily star I would not have got my blood pressure up.

Kiss ass this is a joke!!! Crying moaning silly ppl spooling tradition go away it's pathetic all these laws because sum1 doesn't like the sound of it! Better things 2 worry about

can't believe this absolute load of rubbish of course there easter eggs wishy washy hand wringers gone off on one again

Thick tabloid readers believing sh!t in "news"papers and then sharing it on Facebook. Just the process of it being posted on Facebook the endorses it as fact for millions of morons. Britain in 2016 ladies and gentleman

The usual load of "offending Muslims" shit from the Knuckledraggers! If they take it off its cos they can sell more chocolate to Jewish, Muslims, Taoists and any bugger else who doesn't celebrate Easter. The big joke is that 90% of English people don't celebrate Easter. It's just another piss up. And if Cadbury were bothered about offending people they wouldn't have move their operation to Poland.

whats next Christmas cards because that upsets someone or maybe re name christenings an absolute disgrace we are a christian country who allows and welcomes multi faiths, whom i am sure are not offended.
Lets name names as to who came up with this idea.
Cadbury you are a disgrace.

This is our country and if people don't like our ways then leave. Its the same at christmas no nativity play because it may offend. When I was small the only people who didn't like it was jovahs and they just did not join in and was not offended.

i find it strange that a company that claims there is no particular policy for dropping easter from its eggs, and has nothing to do with offending muslims. feels its neceserry to get halal certification on there chocolat products just in cass. just saying and playing devils advocate.

Its an absolute disgrace Easter is our religious time for British people just like other people celebrate their religious time and Easter eggs have been around with Easter on them for as long as I can remember and I am now 74 if people don't like it then they can always go back home I think the chocolate companies should be ashamed of themselves keeping Easter off the eggs because of pressure from none religious people Dorothy 24-3-16

dont but the fuking buy easter eggs if its not easter the fuking company who is selling eggs wont like it if they dont shift them of their shelves DONT BUY THEM DONT BUY THEM FUK UMM

Cadburys and nestles disgrace I will not buy easter eggs for you anymore I hope you go bust.

People are reading the headline on the picture but not the story alongside. NO names have been changed. It's not a real story. Stop getting your knickers in a twist complaining about foreigners and "people changing our traditions". It's not happening. Actually read what's written, don't just knee-jerk comment and talk tripe. That's how the paper is selling copies, because you lot aren't actually reading anything!

Until iI hear a respinse from an official of Cadburys giving a proper explanation I will be banning Cadburys

Crazy some folk

The Telegraph is running the same bullshit press release-disguised-as-news, presumably for knuckledraggers with manicures.
Same PR for the Christian chocolate company, along with bold claims that they give their profits to charity, despite the company's own website stating that they donate 'as much as 30% of profits.'
Lazy, hateful, disingenuous, malignant churnalism at its finest.

It's amazing how people followed the link from the facebook link and didn't read the article saying that it was a lie by the star.

I think it might be time to start selling some nice bandwagons I have around here.

our country which is christian how dare they will never buy easter eggs from these idiots ever again get some balls you cowards

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