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Nov 14, 2014


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While I agree that the critical part about marketing is communicating the message, I'm not sure that the issue is fundamentally about jargon. I think it is more about domains of knowledge – which, of course – could be considered a piece of jargon. But a knowledge domain is simply something that you know about, and know the technical words that are used in that specific domain. For example, multi-platform marketing has a specific meaning to a bunch of marketing professionals: namely, putting adverts in different places, like on TV, in the papers and online. If you're outside of this domain, then these words sound alien. I would suggest that the root of the problem lies not in the jargon itself, but in the fact that marketing people live in a world where they only interact with other marketing people. This leads them to believe that everyone knows whether their latest communication is 'completely aligned with their brand status' or not. Whereas, we just think, is it good, bad or completely bonkers (re: Sainsbury's Christmas commercial)

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