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Jan 29, 2012


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But surely the biggest problem with that is that it is wrong!!
Look here is what I get just google biggest news
which has the mail at 11 after the NYTimes and LA times along with the Washington Post, which are all papers and true papers at that with good news and stuff.
And if you go on this site http://www.newspaperindex.com/
You find some really weird stuff like Christian Press at number 1 in the US but the Mail is nowhere in the US or in the whole of Europe and only at number 2 in the UK, the number one spot is the Express so huh!!

The Daily Mail is undoubtedly having a moment. From the Stephen Lawrence murder trial to their top spot as a news provider and yet, like Tony Blair, they remain deeply suspect in their native country. Can you imagine anyone in their 20s or 30s boasting that they work for the Daily Mail? Exactly. The DM lacks the prestige of companies like Virgin, Google or even The Sun. And maybe it's because despite its determination to be seen as an ethical newspaper, its attack-dog columnists are rabid in their aim to demean and destroy. And besides any paper that can employ the barking Liz Jones needs its head examining so on that basis alone, the title, despite its success, is still seen by many people as the Daily Fail.

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