The hunter 2, previews last episode 11 March broadcast on Rai 2

It airs tonight, Wednesday 11 March, the last episode of Il Cacciatore, the series broadcast on Rai 2. La Caccia a Giovanni Brusca (Edoardo Pesce) is at an end, but the battle is not over yet. This evening Saverio (Francesco Montanari) is Charles (Francesco Foti) are finally face to face with the boss who, however, still has an ace up his sleeve.

The hunter 2, last episode advances

In the first episode, “Year of the dragon”, on the anniversary of the massacre of Capaci Brusca decides to repent. In front of him, Baron and Mazza are forced to offer him a penalty discount in exchange for information, despite being in front of the one who killed Giuseppe Di Matteo and judge Falcone. What they don’t know, however, is that Brusca is one step ahead of them.

In the second episode, “A treasure”, the ruthless boss of Corleone cornered and also abandoned by his brother Enzo (Alessio Praticò), you decide to truly repent. The first information he gives to the prosecutors is the nickname of the vivandiere of Bernardo Provenzano (Marcello Mazzarella), track that allows you to get to the top of the Cosa Nostra. An information that, together with that collected for years by Francesca (Francesca Inaudi), gives Saverio and Carlo new hope.