The hacker group Anonymous publishes the evidence


The memory of Lady Diana has not yet found peace, again brought up to shed light on that mysterious accident that led to her death. This time it is the hacker group Anonymous that pulls the story from the cylinder, publishing evidence that would endorse the thesis of a murdered Lady Diana. And there is more. It seems that everyone is attributable to a rape.

Lady Diana murdered: many conspiracy theories

In recent years there have been many trodden tracks that saw Lady Diana murdered rather than the victim of a tragic accident. But this time the situation is completely reversed by a series of documents published in the past few hours, which give the certainty of the murder of the princess.

According to what is claimed by this network of hackers, known as Anonymous, everything did not start from the relationship that Diana had with Dodi Al-Fayed (relationship not viewed favorably by the English royal family), who died in the same accident. The murder perpetrated against Diana would have been carried out due to a rape, which did not personally concern the princess but which involved her in the affair.

In these published documents it is said of a woman who worked at court, with the English royals, and who had been the victim of carnal violence by a colleague of hers. Again according to Anonymous, the torturer is a man who works arm in arm with Prince Charles. Indeed, even today it still plays the same role. Diana, for her part, had discovered that heinous crime committed within the walls of the building and would have threatened to make the story public.

What happened to the woman in question?

According to reports from the numerous newspapers, it seems that the collaborator at the time received a settlement of 30 thousand pounds for his silence. Then she was removed from the royal palace.

Lady Spencer, good-natured and against any possible abuse, had asked her ex-husband to take action. Alternatively, he had threatened to set off a scandal by making everything public. Again according to the hacker group, the princess was in possession of a recording, overwhelming evidence of the rape that occurred against the woman. Her firmness in wanting to do justice seems to have cost her her life.

Obviously all hypotheses to be clarified, although it is plausible to believe that the English Crown has done everything possible not to be overwhelmed in a sexual scandal. The documents made public should in any case be verified, as the veracity of the documents cannot yet be confirmed.