The brilliant friend 2, anticipations of the last episode


The brilliant friend, anticipations of the last episode. Tonight, March 2, 2020, the last episode of the TV series The brilliant friend on Rai 1 will be aired. Tonight’s episodes close the second novel of the Elena Ferrante saga, History of the new surname.

In the latter episode, the lives of the two protagonists, Lila (Gaia Girace) and Lenù (Margherita Mazzucco), will move further and further, both physically and metaphorically. The years of study at the University of Pisa will make Elena a much more aware and self-confident girl, while the role of Lila’s mother will be all-encompassing forcing her to a still difficult life in the ward after returning after her parenthesis in Ischia. But how will the second season of The brilliant friend end? Here is the plot and the advances of the last two episodes.

In the episodes aired tonight we will see a new phase in the history of friendship between Lila and Lenù, increasingly distant and yet still so intimately linked.

The brilliant friend 2, episode 5

Nino confesses to Elena that he kissed Lila, but the girl lies to her friend and denies having talked about it with Sarratore. Pinuccia instead returned home with Rino for not having to accept his feelings for Bruno, who has a crush on Elena. After denying that she wants to see him again, Lila accepts Nino’s invitation to join them at the bar, with the excuse of calling her husband. Hours later, Lila leaves to talk to Stefano and Nino joins her. Elena decides to go looking for them and so surprises them, secretly, to kiss in a closet. The two boys start having an affair.

When Nino receives a letter from Nadia, Lila asks him to leave it. Then he changes his mind and decides to return to Naples with Stefano, but Nino gives Elena the farewell letter written for his fiancée. So Lila decides to stay, greets Stefano affectionately so as not to make him suspicious and then returns to Nino. After rejecting Bruno’s advances, Elena begins to express her annoyance to her friend for her secret story. However, Lila asks her to lie to her mother, pretend that there is a party by Oliviero to have the opportunity to spend the night with Sarratore. That evening, Elena decides to give herself to Donato and then threatens to tell everything to the Solara if she only dares to approach her again. When Michele surprises Lila and Nino to hold hands, Stefano returns to the sea to face his wife.

Episode 6

With her brazenness, the girl admits that she has fallen in love with Nino, but Stefano prefers to believe that it is just a new affront. Returning home, the two friends lose sight of each other and Elena decides to visit Lila only after finding out that she has claimed to go to work in the shoe store. So he discovers that he still has a relationship with Nino, with whom he intends to move to an apartment in the city. Expect his son. Lila finds the strength to leave Stefano, who incredulously goes to ask for the comfort of his wife’s family.

Since Elena has gone to Pisa in the meantime to try to enter the Normal School, everyone concludes that Lila has accompanied her. Michele doesn’t believe it: he instructs Antonio, mentally destroyed by the front, to find out where he is. Days later, Nino decides to leave home after a fight with Lila and when he comes back he is beaten strongly by Antonio. The latter prefers not to say anything to Michele and Enzo takes Lila home, after having revealed that he has always been in love with her. The two make a pact: if Stefano puts his hands on her, Enzo will take her away with him. As soon as she crosses the threshold, Lila immediately announces to her husband that she is pregnant and that the son is not hers.

The brilliant friend, episode 7 – The return

The years in Pisa have transformed Elena into an elegant, cultured and uninhibited girl. When she returns to the ward for the Easter holidays she finds him deeply changed as well as Lila, now disheartened and disheartened except for the dedication that she puts in her role as a mother. Terrified at the idea that her husband Stefano can find her diaries, Lila entrusts them to her friend who cannot resist the temptation to read them and many things suddenly become clear to her.

The brilliant friend, episode 8 – The blue fairy

After returning to Pisa, Elena, overwhelmed by the memories of her adolescence in the neighborhood, threw herself headlong into the drafting of her first novel. She is approached by a gentle and distinguished boy, Pietro Airota, son of an esteemed university professor. Immediately after graduating with honors, Pietro gives her an engagement ring; in return she entrusts him with his manuscript and then returns to Naples to celebrate his sweaty milestone with the family. Here she discovers her friend’s new life.