The attack on the Italians from London: “They brought the virus”


London is convinced that Sars-Cov2 has emigrated to that part of the world from the south of the European continent. Some Italians who have traveled to Great Britain are, according to Neil Ferguson’s thoughts, among the virus positives who contributed to the outbreak of contagions on the island.

In Uk the epidemiological picture is being analyzed. This is also the time for the hearings. The British expert has reported within the House of Lords, claiming that “hundreds if not thousands of infected people” have arrived in Great Britain from two specific countries: Spain and Italy. The ranking on contagions and deaths is not at all positive for the subjects of the Queen: British victims are currently more than 50 thousand. And the figure could go up again. Statistics represent a sad record for the executive chaired by Boris Johnson. As has already happened in other countries, experts try to understand what motivations underlie pandemic development.

Neil Ferguson is the man Boris Johnson relied on during the first phase. What was also affected by the speech in which the conservative leader cited the issue of flock immunity. Then things changed, with the adoption of a lockdown very similar to ours and a substantial downsizing of the line studied at first. The epidemiologist, who is in charge at Imperial College London, helped get the government to change course. Boris Johnson it was also hit in the first person from Covid-19. Neil Ferguson, however, left the scene due to a scandal: he met the lover during the restriction measures that had been imposed to contain the spread of the virus. But this is already the past.

In the consideration expressed in these hours, also according to what reported from Corriere della SeraNeil Ferguson insisted that the infected people – those from Italy and Spain – contributed to the propagation of Sars-Cov2 in the UK. The British predictions were different. The current numbers are not those imagined by experts at the beginning of the pandemic. This is, in all likelihood, a justification that may or may not correspond in reality. Even the United States, thinking about what happened in the first months of the epidemic, they brought Italy into play and the alleged lack of controls.

While WHO start taking pictures the reality of the first pandemic weeks, London tries to provide its own version, underlining the role that both Italian and Spanish citizens would play in relation to today’s numerical situation. The feeling is that we should also investigate the policies implemented in the first few days: how much did it cost to prevaricate on the lockdown? London could also be called to answer this question.