The agreement in the prefecture in Milan

The Baranzate condominium nicknamed “ghetto”, in via Aquileia 12 / a, will be redeveloped. An “ad hoc” memorandum of understanding was signed by the prefect of Milan, Renato Saccone, by the president of the Milan court, Roberto Bichi, by the mayor of Baranzate, Luca Elia, and by the partners who will start a redevelopment project both urban and social. Monica Forte, regional councilor of the 5 Star Movement and president of the anti-mafia commission, was also present at the subscription.

The building was built in the 1960s on a project by Marco Romano. Initially designed for the workers of Alfa di Arese, it is made up of 134 private apartments in which about 450 people live, mostly in a precarious economic condition. The tower block has been suffering from progressive debt for years, which leads to frequent interruptions in electricity supplies, as well as the absence of maintenance and cleaning. The project will be carried out by the association “La Rotonda” and by the consortium company “Municipalities Together for Social Development”, which deals with social services in some Municipalities in the hinterland of Milan. The two realities, among other things, will help the inhabitants of the “tower block” on the use of economic resources and the management of the family budget.

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Built for Alfa Romeo workers

The deterioration of the building in via Aquileia has ancient origins. In the mid-90s the Municipality of Bollate (of which Baranzate was a fraction) ordered work on safety and static consolidation. Works that ran aground in the following decade. The conditions were increasingly dilapidated, but the condominium debts did not allow to face the situation. Hence a “spiral” already seen in other similar cases, such as those in viale Bligny 42 or via Crespi 10 in Milan. Owners who leave, houses put up for auction, illegal occupation, subletting, crime.