Tenants leave syringes on the street, owners forced to pay the fine


It seems unthinkable that in a house there may be blood-soaked syringes between clothes and shoes, yet it is the horrible surprise that the owners of an apartment in Via Duomo had when they freed the property from the belongings of their renters. The fact happened to Sassari, in Sardinia.

The owners of the house had to pay a fine, together with the tenants of the apartment in question, for leaving i trash on the street, thus creating a real open-air dump in the historic center. The penalty amounts to one thousand five hundred euros.

Meters and meters of road occupied by waste of all kinds, as can be seen from the images: syringes and handkerchiefs full of blood, used clothes, black busts, shoes and boxes containing everything. But not only, among these there were also toys, this means that probably in the degradation between syringes and blood also lived children. Local police intervened because the street was literally overrun with objects thrown on the street. In a short time the agents managed to reconstruct the incident and to sanction the perpetrators of the offense. The apartment has been cleared of everything, but instead of acting according to the rules, everything has been thrown on the street.

The agents collected some testimonials and listened to both i owners both the former tenants of the apartment, to understand who had carried out this action which, in addition to representing an administrative offense, caused degradation in the heart of the city. The two sides accused each other and the police decided to punish both the home owner and the tenants.