Telegram New Update – here are all the news of version 6.2


An avalanche of news those that the developers of Telegram have decided to add in the new update for version 6.2 the WhatsApp antagonist messaging application. If you love GIFs, the new Telegram will allow you to improve sharing of moving images, but also video and more generally all multimedia content. An update that also looks to Android users who can now enjoy some exclusive content with new animations, new design of the section dedicated to caches and much more.

Telegram: here are all the news of version 6.2

Telegram updates its application and introduces a video editor. Five years ago introduced the photographic one while today ready to update its interface with an update that involves not only the photographic sector, but really all types of multimedia content shareable in the sticker application included.

In the post of the presentation of the update, the developers make direct mention of a improvement of video quality made possible by the new tools. There is now one new feature traceable within the editor that opens when sharing a video that is called ”Gets better”that allows you to achieve qualitative cleaning of the shared video. The feature, depending on the position of the cursor, increases the saturation and brightness of the movie to the point of making the brightest colors is more defined contours for an improved effect.

Not only because by tapping on the brush in the media player opening screen you can now access the actual editing: here it will be possible add text, normal stickers and even animated stickers to your videos. The GIF panel has also been updated with a new sectionIn the foreground and cards based on emojis describe the most popular emojis. It will no longer be necessary to struggle with words to find them. Furthermore, the loading times for GIFs in the panel, so you can find the perfect GIF faster. Just hold on any GIF that has never been sent to save it on the card Recent and be able to use it later.

Improvements also regarding the folders that were introduced with the last update previous to this. Here if the user has an important number of folders, just hold down on any chat in the list to add it to one of the folders. This also works for removing them.

As said also Android users receive some extra features to make their app even better. Messages are now sent, edited and deleted with new ones simple animations. Here too the video player to make the controls and long captions disappear quickly. Videos shorter than 30 seconds are now automatically looped.

Finally news for the interfaces of Cache management on Android smartphones. Not only can the impact of Telegram on the smartphone archive be minimized now, but it can also be done with style. Going in Settings> Data and Archive> Archive Usage.

Last, but not least, the apes. Protect your account with a password with the Verify in two steps a good idea, but Telegram thought to put one monkey to oversee the process. And not a joke.