Technology as a cure for solitude: TV and smartphones take care of keeping the Italians company

An increasingly connected life – More than three quarters of respondents say technology is important to their daily lives, and of these the 79% cannot do without it. Social networks (82%), chat with friends (75%) and surfing the net (68%) are the main daily activities. But what are the actions that you prefer to do lately through technological tools? For example, some important commissions like digital payments for tax is bills (55%), sending and receiving documents and personal certificates via the web (44%), and the use of the home automation and the services of smart home (39%) to fully enjoy the hi-tech potential of the house.

The smartphone makes us feel less alone – Thanks to technology it is possible to stay connected: over half of the interviewees are appreciating the possibility of being close, even if separate, to the loved ones (55%) and to stay informed in real time on the evolution of the situation (51%). In fact, among the main devices there is smartphone: over half of respondents use it for chat with friends and relatives (65%), follow the many directed organized by famous people on social networks (61%) and video calling distant friends and relatives (55%). Part of the time is also dedicated to navigation via PC (49%): 68% use it for smart working and 61% for platforms entertainment and streaming. Platforms not only used for leisure (61%), but also for it study at a distance and for lessons with teachers and classmates (58%) and, for the older ones, to achieve the simplicity and efficiency of the business meetings (52%).

Smart Home: smart home walls – In recent weeks, there has been an increase in the use of technology in Italian homes, which is, however, considered increasingly essential. 61% of Italians say they have discovered the potential of their own smart home, which before did not know or knew, but did not fully exploit (40%). The main domestic space experienced by the Italians in this period is the salon (31%) and one of the smart features appreciated by 48% of the interviewees is being able to regulate the temperature of home environments directly from the smartphone. The most advanced systems are in fact connected, they can distribute the air in a delicate and uniform way and help to manage the temperature with artificial intelligence.

Appliances Facilitate Home Management – Among the possibilities offered by a hi-tech and connected home, more than half of the interviewees appreciate connecting their own smart TV to your smartphone, to enjoy your favorite content without interruption or take productivity to another level. The television he has always been a companion in everyday life and technology has transformed him into an ally that allows you to do more and live your passions. Moreover, among the smart appliances of greatest help in this period, it emerges, first of all the vacuum cleaner (57%): in fact, large-scale cleaning takes on particular importance, today more than at other times: we think, for example, of the increasingly popular vacuum cleaners equipped with artificial intelligence, of which 56% of the interviewees recognize the convenience of activation with voice control. Smart smartphones are followed by the oven (45%), the washing machine (44%), the technology(41%) and the dishwasher (39%).

“The technological innovation of the connected house is constantly evolving: if until a few years ago the proposal was limited to a few devices, today there are many and are mostly integrated with services that respond to the needs expressed by consumers. also the interest of people, more and more inclined to advanced home management, intrigued by new technologies and able to easily manage the smart functions of the connected house “he comments Francesco Cordani, Head of Marketing and Communication of Samsung Electronics Italy.