Space Force 2, News On The Sequel To The Series With Steve Carell


The series with few episodes and sometimes of a single season allow the great actors to try their hand for a short time and then move on to other work projects. “Space Force“, created by Steve Carell and Greg Daniels, seemed one of the most recent examples also for the involvement of actors of the caliber of John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, Lisa Kudrow and Jane Lynch. Despite the initial rumors, it seems that the two creators Craig Daniels and Steve Carell have many other stories in mind for Space Force.


During a recent interview with Collider, Daniels revealed that preliminary work on the second season of the TV series has already started despite not being renewed by Netflix yet. These are his words: “We are certainly hoping for some other season, and we started to bring together the senior writers to discuss what would happen next year.

There is a lot to follow based on where we ended up. ” Greg Daniels is no stranger to creating compelling serialized comedies, just think of his work in “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation” where he managed to maintain high standards, always giving interest in the characters and always managing to make them evolve.


The feeling between Carell and Daniels was one of the strengths of this totally insane comedy also because the two had already successfully created the American version of “The Office” together. The idea behind “Space Force” (the trailer) stems from some statements by Donald Trump who spoke of wanting to create a new branch of the US military for the defense of Space.

From there comes the intuition that allows Greg Daniels and Steve Carell to create the story of Mark Naird, an army general who inadvertently launches a space shuttle. A case that causes a sensation and for which he is punished. Thus came the order to direct the new section of the American army, the “Space Force”, amid the laughter of its parigrades.

The goal is to explore space, defend it from external threats and colonize new territories. This is a decisive mission for Naird who wants to give his best but is far from simple. Another failure is around the corner, but his wife Maggie is at his side supporting him. In the workplace, however, he receives the help of the scientist Adrian Mallory.

These are the words of Steve Carell on the Space Force series: “The birth of the project was somewhat unusual. Netflix wanted a series that was fun and everyone laughed at a meeting listening to the idea of ​​a product dedicated to the origins of a Space Armed Force. There was no concrete idea, only the title. So I called Greg and I proposed to make it, without any basis.

We sat down and decided that the series should face the origins of this Space Force, as well as the person in charge of developing the project. ” “Space Force” is available on Netflix starting Friday, May 29th. Sky subscribers will also be able to follow the various episodes through the Sky Q decoder, which offers the possibility to download the app of the well-known online streaming service.