The Sirt diet is known for transforming Adele’s body with lasting results (and for having also sparked many controversies about her weight). The fact is, that in the last photo she posted on Instagram on the occasion of her birthday, Adele is always slim and with a happy smile.

It may be due to its recent appearance, but like all rigorous diets, Sirt – followed by Pippa Middleton among others – sometimes returns and attracts the attention of those who want to lose a few pounds to prepare for summer. Because that’s what diets are for: they work if you follow for limited periods, otherwise the rule of learning to eat in a healthy and balanced way applies.

The Sirt diet

Developed by nutritionists Aidan Goggins and Glenn Matten, authors of the book “Sirt, the diet of the lean gene”, promises to lose 3.5 kilos in a week through the sirtfood, or foods whose proteins are capable of activating some genes in the body, called sirtuins, which stimulate the metabolism by helping the body burn more calories and lose weight quickly. The stress mechanism is similar to that of fasting, but without its disadvantages which also affect mood. Lean genes are responsible for repairing and rejuvenating cells by accelerating their activity, drawing heavily on fat reserves and increasing disease resistance.

The diet it is divided into two phases. During the first three days of phase 1, calorie intake is limited to one thousand per day. You can consume three green juices and a solid meal based on sirt foods. From fourth to seventh, the daily calories become fifteen hundred, divided into two green juices and two solid Sirt meals. Phase 2 it is maintenance, lasts 14 days and includes three balanced sirt meals plus the green centrifuge.

The foods of the Sirt diet

In total there are twenty, each with a micronutrient that acts positively on sirtuins, and some are not “sad” at all: chilli, buckwheat, capers, celery, cocoa, coffee, extra virgin olive oil, matcha green tea, curly kale, lovage, dates, parsley, red radicchio, red onion, red wine, arugula, soy, strawberries, turmeric and walnuts.

Why the Sirt diet works

Because it is one inclusive diet, that is, it is based on the foods to be integrated into your own food routine rather than those to be excluded. Because it allows you to lose weight without suffering from hunger, sirt foods are able to regulate the brain’s response to the stimulation of hunger, and for this reason it has also been approved by Dr. Nicola Sorrentino, one of the most specialized food and dietetics sciences industry experts. Furthermore, as explained in the preface of the book, sirtuins not only regulate the repair mechanism of cells, but improve their general state of health and for this reason Sirt, in addition to being a weight loss diet, is a diet longevity.

The cons

All foods are rich in beneficial nutrients for the body such as polyphenols, but the calorie restriction and the limitation of some food groups make the Sirt diet a regime to be followed only for short periods.

Diet Sirt: the centrifuge of the lean gene

This green juice is one of the essential foods of phase 1. At the base there is matcha green tea which contains the EGCG sirtuin activator and if drunk one hour before or two hours after the solid meal, it has a higher absorption percentage 65%.

Recipe: 75g of curly kale (two abundant handfuls), 30g of arugula (one abundant handful), 5g of parsley (a little handful), 5g of lovage, 150g of green celery with leaves (2-3 large stalks), 1/2 apple green, 1/2 lemon juice, 1/2 tablespoon of matcha green tea. Method: mix the vegetables and centrifuge. Then whisk the apple and celery and squeeze the lemon juice, at this point you should get 250 ml of juice. At the last moment, before drinking the juice, add the matcha tea. When it is dissolved add the rest of the juice and dilute with a little water.