Shocked aggression in Milan Brumotti caught “bottled”

Yet another episode of violence against Vittorio Brumotti. This time the envoy of Strip The News he was documenting the work of some illegal car parkers in the center of Milan and was attacked under the astonished eyes of the Milanese nightlife. Everything took place within a few minutes and at risk not only did Brumotti and his crew end up, but also some passers-by ended up in the middle of throwing bottles.

For several months now Vittorio Brumotti has been making television reports on drug dealing in Italian cities. His denunciation videos put him at the center of many controversies and often the bike trial champion was brutally attacked for his work. Knives, beatings and assaults, such as the most recent one in Milan, which forced him to also be hospitalized. The last kick and punch attack took place a few days ago in full Milanese nightlife. Brumotti, equipped with cameras and accompanied by some television operators, went to the heart of the Lombard capital, in Corso Como, to document the activity of some illegal parking attendants. Individuals who in addition to illegally managing the parking spaces in the area, “round up” by selling cocaine. Vittorio Brumotti has resumed the illegal activity of one of the valets, but the latter’s reaction has been far from mild. The man, visibly altered, first tried to kick and punch Brumotti’s address and then chased him along Corso Como brandishing a broken bottle.

With the cameras on, Antonio Ricci’s satirical news correspondent documented the whole scene, immortalizing the abusive car parker intent on chasing Vittorio Brumotti and his collaborators on the street. Some passers-by and patrons of the premises also ended up in the crosshairs of the abusive car parker and the throwing of glass bottles, who, despite themselves, found themselves witnessing the terrible scene. The video clearly shows a man, presumably a waiter from one of the premises overlooking the Corso, trying to calm down and detain the abusive, but without succeeding. The movie, which has been previewed on the social channels of Brumotti and Striscia, will be aired in the next few evenings. Strip The News.