Samsung presented its new line of Audio and Video: Crystal UHD and the top of the range of the brand, QLED 8k and 4K. These new televisions, explain from the company, are characterized by delivering the best quality in image, sound and connectivity backed by the quality of Samsung.

According to Johan Pinzón, director of Audio and Video of Samsung Colombia, “Samsung constantly works to bring the latest technologies to the country and offer our users the highest standards in image, sound, connectivity and design.”

Our goal is to make people’s lives easier and this new portfolio does it with practical functions to ensure the best entertainment where we use close language.

Likewise, he assures that “Our objective is to facilitate people’s lives and this new portfolio does so with practical functions to ensure the best entertainment where we use a close language that facilitates the understanding and purchase decision of our clients.”

Samsung’s QLED line, which is available at 8K image resolution and 4K UHD, is characterized by incorporating a Quantum processor, which through its Artificial Intelligence and its continuous learning capacity -Machine Learning -, you can have the TV automatically optimize details, colors, borders and textures of content, greatly improving the user experience.

In addition, the TV has smart brightness technology that automatically adjusts the screen lighting according to the environment. And it presents the more than 1 billion colors on the screen with which the company promises more realistic images.

Sound innovations

On the other hand, the evolution of sound in QLED 8K televisions and QLED 4K reference Q80T will have multiple integrated speakers to offer an immersive experience. In that sense, they explain from Samsung, tracks objects on the screen by accentuating the sound in specific areas where the action is focused near the speaker so that the three-dimensional effect is felt.

Likewise, another novelty present in the new Samsung televisions capture an unexpected noise in the environment that does not let you hear what is happening, the voice amplifier automatically optimizes the dialogues of the scene, so that the user continues to enjoy the program .

In addition, the QLED 8K line will have full integration with the also new Q series soundbar line where you can enjoy Symphony Mode. This way how it achieves the simultaneous integration of the speakers of the television with those of the sound bar and they are integrated so that they work together.

Smart connectivity

Samgsung’s Crystal UHD 8500 Series televisions and QLED line, they say, come with special innovations that offer a cellular connectivity experience so you don’t miss a thing while working, studying, or just doing everyday chores.

For example, with Dual Screen technology you can appreciate the content of the television and the cell phone screen at the same time enjoying a multiple experience. In this way, you can feel the passion of a soccer game, for example, it will be more entertaining to see the reactions on social networks. And this connection can be achieved in such an easy and fast way that it is only enough to bring the phone closer to the TV, thanks to its Tap View function.

“Your One Remote control with the incorporation of the Bixby Voice Assistant, special orders can be executed so that the TV executes them without the need to wear out writing them letter by letter”.

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