Reruns From Monday. It Hasn’t Happened Since 1996

The historical soap “A Place in the Sun” stops due to the coronavirus emergency. From October 21, 1996, for the first time, new episodes of the program that made tens of millions of viewers fall in love will not air.

“A Place in the Sun” stops: the fault of the coronavirus

The last episode aired yesterday 3 April. From Monday, April 6, RAI will broadcast the reruns of the sixteenth series of 2012. So the Neapolitan set closes its doors waiting for better times. Unfortunately, with the coronavirus emergency, it is not possible to make new shots. Directors and actors have been stuck since the beginning of March.

With the replies, however, you will be able to relive the birth of the love story between Serena and Filippo, who is experiencing a very serious crisis in the current season. You will be able to appreciate some protagonists who have not seen each other for some time. For example Cristiana Dell’Anna, who later became famous with Gomorrah. The Giuglian actress played the double role of the twins Michela and Manuela Cirillo. We will also see Michele Cesari who plays Tommaso Ferri and Cristiana D’Alberto as Greta Ferri.

So much bitterness expressed by the actors. Patrizio Rispo, historical face of the series, said: “It had never happened, but here everything changed in a month”. Regret also from Maurizio Aiello: “Nothing will be the same as before. We shot the latest shots with masks, all scared, keeping their distance. Now is the right time for screenwriters like Paolo Terracciano to change, because nothing will be the same as before and we will all change at least until a vaccine comes out “.

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