An artifact that ensures you do not receive polluted air was recently released by the Canadian firm Vyzr Technologies. The company claims that this product, called BioVYZR, prevents the spread of corona virus and any other virus.

The device covers the entire head like a helmet and is attached to the waist. Inside it has a respirator that purifies the air that is entering so that you breathe, through a filter N.95.

This device filters 95% of the particles present in the air.

The design is similar to that of an astronaut helmet and, according to the description of the mask, it is completely sealed to prevent the entry of the virus.

On the front it has a clear plastic ‘window‘ that gives it optical clarity and offers wide-angle vision.

The air is sucked in by the fan located at the back of the device, just behind the head, He pushes it through the filters and is then ejected from the sides of the mask.

The mask is completely sealed to prevent air passage and allow everything that enters to be filtered.

According to the company, this device can be used in crowded spaces, both outdoors and indoors.

That includes airports, airplanes, public transport, schools, events and any type of group activity. The product is adjustable to the size of each person’s head and is also available for children.

The company created different design options and brought them to the market with a price of $ 172,

The helmet is made of neoprene and resists any type of weather conditions.

The fan on it has a charge of between 8 to 12 hours

The mask weighs 1.25 kg and includes a battery that keeps the internal fan charged for 8 to 12 hours.. In turn, it is a silent artifact.

The company launched the product through the Indiegogo platform from June and the first deliveries can be made at the end of July.

This Toronto-based company raised around $ 400,000 through the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform for the production of 50,000 skins.

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