plot, cast and curiosity of The price of courage broadcast on Rai 1


The price of courage it will air on tonight Rai 1, in the early evening of today, December 18th 2019, at 9:25 pm. Made in 2019, the docu-film is directed by Alessandro Celli, for a production of Simona Ercolani for Stand By Me in collaboration with Rai Fiction.

The price of courage, the plot

The price of courage focuses on the crucial years of the affair, from October 1974 until the killing on 11 July 1979. Giorgio Ambrosoli is liquidator of the Italian Private Bank of Michele Sindona.

The point of view is that of the Marshal of the Guardia di Finanza Silvio Novembre, who recently passed away, who was next to Ambrosoli in the five years of his assignment.

The five years in which Ambrosoli investigated a corrupt and lethal political-financial system. Among the authoritative testimonies, the exclusive interview with his wife Annalori, who despite the obvious worries, will never fail to support her husband, taking care of the children and trying to be serene.

Among the illustrious witnesses of the docu-fiction, his son Umberto, dear family friends Giorgio Balzaretti and Franco Mugnai, Professor Vittorio Coda and the lawyer Sinibaldo Tino, who supported Ambrosoli in the liquidation work, the magistrates Gherardo Colombo and Giuliano Turone , in charge of the trials against Sindona, the writer Corrado Stajano who with his book “A bourgeois hero” first restored him the right ‘fame’. Also present were the journalist Antonio CalabrĂ², Anna Maria Tarantola, at the time of the events in the Bank of Italy, the American prosecutor John Kenney, owner of the investigation into the bankruptcy of Sindona’s Franklin Bank, who collaborated assiduously with Ambrosoli.

The cast

The cast also includes Dajana Roncione, Claudio Castrogiovanni, Fabrizio Ferracane, Francesco Bonomo, Massimiliano Caprara, Bruno Crucitti, Giuseppe Cantore, Sebastiano Gavasso and Andrea De Bruyn, as well as Mattia Rauco, Beatrice Gervasoni, Luca Bianchi and Riccardo Grecchi.


To realize The price of courage the producers and the director made use of documentary content, including repertoire materials and key documents. In particular, the private agendas were consulted, in which Ambrosoli noted everything, kept in the Office of Crimes of the Court of Milan, and the documents relating to the Italian Private Bank and its liquidation, which after filing with the Chamber archive of Commerce of Milan were made available to the public only at the end of 2016.