How to keep your makeup fresh all day is one of the big questions that every makeup enthusiast asked at least once! Of course, because it is very important to keep the makeup fresh and smudge-free from morning to night, especially before an important date.

The first thing to know is that, especially when you have limited time, it is not a crime to work on the same basis as in the morning. I first do the same thing, if necessary! Personally, in fact, I prefer to work adding makeup at the base already created because I believe that removing make-up and starting from scratch is, after all, more stressful for our skin.

In addition, I have always been used to behaving like this because of work: during photo shoots, in fact, we proceed in this way, unless we have to create a eye makeup completely different.

So beauties, you are curious to find out what are the most important steps when we have to touch up your makeup mid-day or in the evening before going out? Read on the post!


The first thing to consider when it comes to touch up face makeup is what products we used to make it and, above all, how many!

If you have created a matte base, using a lot of face powder and making a marked contouring, for retouching you will no longer be able to focus on a product that is too liquid or cream, because you would risk finding yourself with spots.


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in order not to spoil your make-up, rely on mineral or powder foundation

Likewise, powdered products such as face powder or earth would remove the underlying ones unevenly. The best thing not to spoil the makeup it is therefore to improve the appearance of the complexion with a mineral or powder foundation and concealer. Alternatively, a high coverage stick can be used, but nothing too fluid.

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If, however, you have made a light makeup and bright – naturally using few products and in modest quantities – you can easily touch it up with a cream or liquid product.

Obviously, however, also in this case it is the presence and quantity of the powder used to be decisive. In fact, if you have applied a light layer, adding a foundation will not form a layer separate, but the texture will eventually blend in with the rest of the face makeup.


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If you need to touch up the makeup in a few minutes, the best procedure is to pass a sebum-absorbing wipe to remove the shine from the nose, forehead and chin. In these situations, the matting wipes are better than face powder! My favorites are the Original Aburatorigami of tatcha, but I also love those of Too Cool For School.

cliomakeup-makeup-4 Tatcha, Original Aburatorigami.

In this case, in order not to mess around, too much is better to use powders. Easier to use even away from a mirror, they are easy to blend even without makeup brushes available.