Opportunities rain down on Millie Bobby Brown, who has shown that she does not want to be typecast in a single role (remember that she continues to record the fourth season of ‘Stranger Things’, the series with which she rose to fame). So much so that is starring in many other projects they only enrich her acting career.

Combining with the filming of the Netflix series, this 16-year-old young actress has worked on other projects, such as the still-to-be-released film ‘Enola Holmes‘, where Brown plays “Sherlock Holmes‘ little detective sister.

And now we find out that Millie Bobby Brown is embarking on a new project, always from Netflix: Filming of ‘The Girls I’ve Been‘, the adaptation of the novel by Tess Sharpe which is about a homosexual girl who has been several people because of her mother’s criminal life. A complicated but promising role, and that we are sure that the young British woman will interpret perfectly.

Behind that girl stayed that we met as Eleven (Once) in ‘Stranger Things‘. During the three seasons of the series we saw her grow, until she became all a woman, mature and sure of herself, who does not hesitate to face new projects. Brown will test her talent in this new project for which there is still no filming date, since Sharpe’s book will not be published until January 2021.

Meanwhile, the young actress will premiere ‘Enola Holmes‘, opposite Henry Cavill, Sam Claflin and Helena Bonham Carter, and will continue working on the new series of ‘Stranger Things‘, whose release date is also unknown. In all likelihood, in this new season the little Eleven will no longer be so small (already during previous seasons her transformation into a young teenager was noted), and Millie will once again demonstrate her maturity and great interpretive capacity.