The coronavirus does not stop the development of the former Milan Expo area. The agreement between the Municipality of Milan, Arexpo and Lendlease was signed on Thursday 4 June which activates the concession to the Australian company, for a period of 99 years, of an area of ​​Mind, Milan Innovation District.

It is another piece to be able to redesign the site that hosted the Expo (and enlarge) the city. The concession of the area to Lendlease will be completed in the coming weeks with the transfer of the respective surface rights. The activation of the concession, in fact, concludes the urban planning process and places the area in the full availability of the Australian giant which will continue the long-term development of the district. In the coming months, the masterplan will be drawn up and the urban planning will be launched in detail.

The agreement represents a fundamental step for the development of Mind which continues according to the roadmap, even if in a context radically modified by the pandemic.

“With this step just ended, we are accelerating the development of one of the first examples of knowledge hubs of the future, on a relevant dimensional scale, in which research and innovation meet urban regeneration – explained Andrea Ruckstuhl, Head of Italy and Continental Europe by Lendlease – Projects of this type show how all the ingredients are fundamental in the development of a country system, projects in which we can compete and collaborate on a global scale Mind is a place where companies, education, research meet to give life to so-called knowledge economy that we consider the future of the economy of European countries “.

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“The signing of the urban planning convention for Mind is the concrete demonstration that our country has not stopped and plans the future – said Giovanni Azzone, president of Arexpo -. For this we must thank the institutions, both national and local, who have shown to be engaged in the development of an ‘innovation ecosystem’ dedicated to research, a vital sector in the extraordinary times that we are experiencing and that await us. The agreement in fact allows to give an important boost to MIND with the installation in the area of dozens of private companies that will support ‘public anchors’ “.