Milan Philharmonic, when concerts are on the radio Events in Milan

The famous Fil-Filarmonica in Milan was christened in May 2019 at the Palazzo delle Scintille – the suggestive art nouveau pavilion of the Ex Fiera Campionaria in Milan which in 1946 hosted the summer season of the bombed Teatro alla Scala. For the occasion, the conductor Daniele Gatti conducted Robert Schumann’s symphonic complete in two days of free appointments that reached over three thousand spectators.

A celebration via radio

A year later, the Orchestra celebrates the first twelve months of activity by offering on Rai Radio 3 – and for the first time ever on radio – all the concerts directed by Gatti in 2019 and dedicated to German Romanticism: the integral of the symphonies by Schumann and Brahms, together with Variations for orchestra on a theme by Haydn and the Tragische Ouvertüre (Ouverture tragica), both by Brahms. The radio project was made possible thanks to, which since the first concert has made its experience available to the orchestra and Maestro Gatti for the realization of all audio recordings.

The concerts

Schumann’s “First and Third Symphony” inaugurated the radio show on Friday 29 May: it continues on Friday 5 June with Schumann’s “Second and Fourth”. Next appointment on Friday 12 June (also replies Saturday 20 June at 12), with the tragic Overture and the “First Symphony” of Brahms (recorded at the “Giuseppe Verdi” Conservatory of Milan last autumn, in collaboration with the Quartet Society of Milan, like all the other Brahms works carried out by LaFil).

On Friday 19 June at 20:30 the Brahms “Third and Second Symphony” will be broadcast, and finally, on Friday 26 June, the “Variations for orchestra” and “the Fourth Symphony” of Brahms.

Before each concert Daniele Gatti will introduce the program.

A new form of appointment with the public

“I am delighted that the anniversary of LaFil is celebrated with the broadcast on Radio 3 – adds the President of the Orchestra Luca Formenton -. Especially today, in a very difficult moment for a team with new and ambitious programs, I want to reiterate that the music does not stop. In the near future, respecting all the regulations that the Government will want to indicate, we are planning new appointments with our audience, which has followed us with growing enthusiasm in the last season. However, my hope and that of the whole orchestra is to return to play live as soon as possible “.

“We have chosen to give a thematic link to our concerts – said Daniele Gatti on the occasion of the performances -. After the Four Symphonies by Schumann alle Scintille, we thought of a natural pendant, namely the Four Symphonies by Brahms, which not only highlight the historical and artistic ties between the two composers, but which also allow you to complete an overview of the symphonic development of nineteenth-century Germany ».

Winner of the Abbiati Prize, named Chevalier de la Légion d’honneur in France, Gatti was among the creators of LaFil together with the four founding partners: Luca Formenton, Roberto Tarenzi, Carlo Maria Parazzoli and Marco Seco. He is currently Music Director of the Rome Opera House and the Mozart Orchestra. He is also Artistic Consultant of the Mahler Chamber Orchestra (MCO)