Milan, other swimming pools reopen: the calendar

The reopening of the Milanosport swimming pools continues after the lockdown due to the health emergency from Covid-19. From Saturday 6 June the Goldfinch reopens, from Monday 8 June it will be up to the Bacone swimming pool and, from 12 June, to the Sant ‘Abbondio. The reopening will be completed by June 20.

The new plants are added to the five already reopened: the Cozzi (viale Tunisia), the Carella-Cantù (via Graf), the Murat (via Villani), the Procida (via Giovanni da Procida) and the Saini (via Corelli, only the 50-meter tank). The days of Monday 1 and Tuesday 2 June, thanks to the festive bridge and the good weather, saw an overall turnout of more than 1,500 people in these five plants, and 85% purchased the online entrance ticket on the site Milanosport official, helping to minimize queues at the checkouts and gatherings. So far, overall, the entrances purchased are 3,500.

Beyond the swimming pools, the tennis courts on the Lido had already been opened in mid-May (whose swimming pool, however, will be closed all summer for maintenance work delayed due to the lockdown) and in via Washington, with a full house. The Cambrini and Saini tennis courts are now reopening, where the new athletics track, renovated by the Statale, will be inaugurated.

Playgrounds with the app

Finally, the playgrounds can also be booked through a specific app (“book a field”), already widely used in the city. “The numbers show a great desire for sport among the Milanese, combined with the desire to return to normal”, comments the president of Milanosport Chiara Bisconti: “We had already had a little taste with tennis; the same day we reopened c “was the sold out. The pools with the summer have great appreciation and we expect great feedback from the Milanese and already this first week bodes well for the rest of the season”.

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And the Campus at Milanosport will start in mid-June, this year organized in multiple locations to ensure a greater presence in the city and to be able to live the summer in complete safety. Registrations will be made online, within the next week, all the details will be available. Details on how the vouchers of all students who have had to give up attending swimming pools and sports centers will be able to spend the vouchers will also be notified by 15 June.