Microsoft Edge – Coming soon for all users


The Redmond company has communicated that Microsoft Edge based on Chromium will soon be distributed on Windows Update for Windows 10, from the version 1803 on. The browser had been available on a stable basis for a few months. It was possible to download from the official website with themanual installationalso for this reason the distribution has had a certain gradualness. If you don’t want to wait, the manual installation is still working. The download is available via this page. It is also available for users who have a macOS operating system available.

Microsoft Edge plans to revive, currently has passed Mozilla Firefox

Edge was born as a native browser of Windows 10 and, although in some ways it was better than Google Chrome, has never been very successful. For this reason, Microsoft announced last year that it would rebuild the browser from scratch based on Chromium. The enhancement of the new Edge lasted throughout 2019 and a January 2020 its first stable version is out.

Microsoft’s new line of action is currently enjoying not absolute, but still evident success. Edge, currently, it is the second most popular desktop browser, even surpassing the notorious Mozilla Firefox.

When in the past it was based on a proprietary code, its odds never exceeded 6%. Now in five months the browser has come very close to the 8 percent. Google Chrome is currently on the 70%, therefore very far, but in the market everything is possible also because, many years ago, it was Chrome to chase what was then called Internet Explorer.