Mel Gibson and the sequel to The Passion of Christ, Jim Caviezel still Jesus in The Resurrection (but we are waiting for The Wild Pile)


The resurrection, the sequel de Christ’s passion is in the pre-production phase. In the second chapter of one of the greatest and most controversial successes of Mel Gibson as a director, work is being done in writing. At least that’s what the 70-year-old claims Randall Wallace, the screenwriter who with Gibson took flight in 1995 by proposing the script by Braveheart and also getting an Oscar nomination. Oscar’s Braveheart then won five, including film and directing, by launching a Gibson into the firmament of the actor’s box who turns into a director of Hollywood hits at the time not even forty years old.

Subsequently Wallace directed Gibson in We were soldiers in 2002, but the combination of Braveheart was never repeated. To tell the truth, both have lived through swinging careers. Wallace wrote and directed in 1998 Leonardo Dicaprio neither The iron mask and in 2001 he signed the script for a blockbuster like Pearl Harbor. Below We were soldiers e an eight-year jump when he returns to directing and writing A year to remember is Heaven for real (2014), the latter film focused on a child’s ultra-sensory abilities to see the afterlife with lots of Heaven and Jesus in sandals and a blonde beard. Everyone will remember Gibson’s nine-year wait just for The Passion (2004), not written with Wallace but with Benedict Fitzgerald, shot in Aramaic and with a feverish and hyper-realistic representation of the torture of flesh and blood, which provoked many controversies due to an anti-Jewish interpretation of the death and consequent crucifixion of Christ.

Gibson then turned Apocalypto in 2006 (another hyper-realistic film) which was followed by a void in both starring and directing interpretations. Emptiness that was born just after that drunken arrest, and because of those police report pieces with drunken Gibson to rail against the “fucking Jews” and “the Jews responsible for all the wars on the planet”. The purgatory of the very Christian Mel lasted about ten years, with Hollywood counting on keeping it in a water bath until the symbolic atonement of the sentence. In 2016 Gibson returned to directing and managed to bring to the Venice Film Festival The battle of Hachsaw Ridge with which he again came to the Oscar nominations with two statuettes won (sound editing and mixing). In short, a long rehabilitation that returns to pass from the way of the deeply Christian friend, Wallace, and from an extremely demanding and delicate project such as The Resurrection of Christ. Jim Caviezel, already mimetic and all-encompassing Jesus in 2004, he is expected to return to the role of the risen Nazarene after three days, as if to support the production. “It’s something Mel and I are talking about a lot. In college, I specialized in the religious theme of the resurrection. It’s so strong that we still keep the cards covered so as not to reveal anything, “Wallace explained during the presentation of a new Braveheart DVD 25 years later. In short, something around The Passion of Christ 2 seems to have moved definitively. Even though the 2004 film with a budget of 30 million dollars made more than 600 million at the box office, it does not seem to be very easy to be productively guarantors of the continuation of an ethically controversial film and bitterly oriented towards a religiously intransigent approach such as the first The Passion .

Gibson, moreover, had stopped talking about this second chapter in 2016, when he made it clear that he would have dedicated himself to a remake just as expected as that of The wild pile of Sam Peckinpah. A project in the ropes of the maddening representation of blood and violence that sees Gibson a natural epigone of Peckinpah, at least as regards the opening and final of the 1968 film with those two long sequences of carnage masterfully mounted by Lou Lombardo with a quantity of frames unimaginable. Several rumors already want the cast ready with, among others, Michael Fassbender, Jamie Foox and Peter Dinklage. The first draft of the script is signed by Brian Helgeland and another figure who is in the movies all star with several shootings he made the call, David Ayer, but then it passed to Gibson who with Bryan Bagby, director of a film almost twenty years ago (LINX) and never returned to work in Hollywood, concluded it .