Tonight’s Friend returns to Rai tonight 1. The new series based on the novel of the same name “History of the new surname” will have 8 episodes of 50 ‘and today, February 10, the first two will be broadcast. The second season of the series will air, each with two episodes, starting at 9.15pm.

The Genial Friend – History of the new Surname: plot and previews

Episode 1

The story starts from Lila’s wedding and from the return from the honeymoon. Lila had married Stefano Carracci but things did not go well from the wedding night which was not easy at all.

Meanwhile Elena still wonders if her relationship with Antonio will continue. To disturb the young woman’s thoughts there is also study, her favorite refuge. However, Lila’s return will be a new blow to the heart for her friend: there are bruises on her face that are too conspicuous. Although they lead different lives, the two girls come closer again. But Lila also ponders revenge against Stefano. At school, Elena instead meets Nino and discovers that he has gained a strong interest in politics. And in a moment she will find herself once again fascinated and seduced by her figure, even if she prefers not to say anything to her friend.

Episode 2

Antonio and Elena are in the process of breaking up: the girl asked Solara for help to prevent him from doing military service. The boy, discovering it, can only feel humiliated by his gesture. Stefano, on the other hand, continues to be violent towards his wife and Lila shows off her rebellious soul as always, which prevents her from considering herself to be his subordinate. Quarrels are on the agenda and somehow the girl will even try to provoke another, by having her photo displayed in a wedding dress shop. When the holidays arrive, Elena manages to take home a promotion despite not always promising votes