Jeffrey Epstein: what the Netflix docuserie is about


Not just Harvey Weinstein. The long wave of the #metoo continues to unmask sexual predators in key roles of power. Some of them find themselves, in addition to jail, even in front of the media pillory so that their faults become public and their victims stop being afraid.

It happens in the docu-series in four episodes just landed on Netflix by title Jeffrey Epstein: money, power and perversion. This billionaire arrived from nowhere and then befriended the most influential men in the world, from Bill Clinton and Donald Trump through Andrew of England, was accused not only of sexual abuse but of trafficking in minors (involving over 10,000 children). Those girls are now in front of the camera to relive the horrors and finally be able to turn the page.

The financier, unmasked by Anonymous, took his life before the sentence (in August 2019, but there are those who bet it was a murder to cover the truth), therefore the reconstruction of the facts in the documentary is up to the director Lisa Bryant and the crime writer James Patterson. The goal is not only to shed light on the protagonist’s perversions, but also on the elite who helped him first to get their prey and then get away with it. There are many other Epsteins that have not yet been identified and isolated, in a vicious circle whose end is not seen. The same girls attracted to the tycoon’s house on harmless pretexts have in some cases turned into his accomplices, totally plagiarized by his ability to manipulate and bend them to his will.
The cover-up and connivance at the top made the prosecution process long and complex. Not only that: even in prison he enjoyed semi-freedom, which in fact gave him the opportunity to continue his life almost with impunity, in spite of the hundreds of tortured girls.

The frame of the “massages” offered by the entrepreneur is an island of crimes, or rather two (Little Saint James and St. James, in the Virgin Islands, famous tax havens as well as naturalistic), private oases far from prying eyes and ideal for hiding secrets, lies and trafficking of all kinds. Destination of every kind of perversion, it has been reached in recent years by every category of public figures, from the world of entertainment to that of politics, who arrived on the site with a renamed private jet “Lolita Express”.

Despite the fact that the name Epstein is muddied by these crimes, 380 people claim it the $ 634 million inheritance, including 130 who swear to be their children. As proof of the fact that money does not scruple, even when it is stained with blood. That’s why many spotlights continue to focus on the story, including the final episode of the series The Good Fight (still unpublished in Italy), which begins investigations into the alleged cell suicide case.

Through interrogations, interviews, journalistic investigations and reports of horrors provided by the victims, the documentary also tries to clarify the story and to scratch the rubber wall that continues to protect the powerful. In this case it includes the same partner as Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, who allegedly participated in the solicitations. The woman, who disappeared into thin air after the accusations, has returned to the limelight for a few days, asking for compensation for the expenses she has faced to deny these rumors. In reality, these are out-of-court agreements with which she silenced the civil cases that rained down on her at the time. Today the Pandora’s box reopens obtaining a boomerang effect.

That’s why, in the absence of clear answers, one year after Epstein’s death, the Netflix series acquires even greater value. It does not offer certainties, of course, but at least multiplies the questions.