Jebreal’s slip: attack Trump on social media but post a fake photo


In such a delicate historical moment in which even the correct informationand falls into the trap of fake news, it is precisely the social networks that help to preserve the truthfulness of the news and to counter their groundlessness. And he knows it well too Rula Jebreal. The journalist and activist for women’s rights, also famous here in Italy for being one of the presenters of the Sanremo festival, unbeknownst to him (perhaps), he spread a content on social media that was deemed “manipulated multimedia content” by Twitter. The story that has swung over the net like a mad splinter has been inflaming the web for almost 24 hours.

Jebreal on her Twitter profile shared a very particular photo that compared the President Donald Trump is Adolf Hitler. In the collage you can see the Tycoon that raises the Bible to heaven, in a photo that has already caused a sensation in recent days, and on the side you can see the Fuher who in a black and white shot, among the crowd, he also raises to heaven a book (presumably a sacred text). With this post, Rula Jabreal clearly wanted to attack President Trump’s actions in light of what is happening in America in recent days and, in so doing, the Palestinian-born journalist has compared the President of the United States with Adolf Hitler. “There are very respectable people in both sides,” writes the journalist in the caption. The post is of great impact, certainly. Too bad it’s a sensational fake.

And Twitter intervened directly on Rula’s content just as it did for some chirps recently published by the president. In this case it is not about content that incites hatred but a real image manipulation. Compared to what was shown in the photo, Hilter in that shot in which he is praised by the crowd, has never had a book in his hand. He was simply responding to the solute that the people had addressed to him. In addition to this, the phrase that Rula Jebreal has used is also not sack flour. Indeed it is an excerpt from a speech by Donald Trump last year, as reported by the website

Even the best can make mistakes, especially someone like Jebreal. However, the maneuver of Twitter who, for once, is fighting with sword deals with the spread of fake news on social media.